1. WarB3AR44

    Lower Trim Piece Options??

    Hi all! FINALLY got my lift kit, wheels, and tires done!! After taking off the running boards I was planning on cutting them to retain a clean looking piece for that exposed area behind the wheel well and in front of the door. However the body shop I was at threw the running boards away. Does...
  2. J

    Mall crawler / City truck 2010 GX460 build

  3. J

    For Sale  WNY Lexus LX470

    I am looking to sell my 2004 STOCK UNMOLESTED LX470 with 214,000 miles on the clock. I've tried several times to sell it on here to no they say third time is the charm. I bought the vehicle from a gentleman in Michigan who purchased it from an older gentleman in southern Indiana...
  4. X

    2008 Lexus LX 570 Build Xhrix123

    Hello Everyone, I am building out my 2008 LX570 and thought it would be a good place to consolidate into a build thread. About the LX. 2008 LX 570 Silver with light grey interior. 160,000 Texas miles at the time of purchase and was in very good cosmetic condition in and out. Everything...
  5. R

    2017 Lexus LX570 ATF Replacement

    Guys I am new at this forum and would like to share my story of complete ATF replacement in my 2017 Lexus LX 570 with 53k Florida miles. Although the procedure is very similar to the one described in this thread Complete Transmission Flush DIY - VIDEO -...
  6. L

    Compression Issues with my 2006 Lx470/Landcruiser

    Sorry if I make mistakes, I'm new here. Also I'm not a mechanical expert, I'm just a dumb kid really. 2006 Lexus Lx470 with 181k miles on the odometer Tl;DR: To understand my situation ur gonna have to read a short sequence of events: Last year I took my truck in for service with all the...
  7. aedgington

    SOLD  Houston, TX - 2002 LX470 - 167K mi - rust free - mint Carfax

    Time for me to finally admit the kids don't want to go camping/hang out with dad anymore. I'm the second owner, since 2006. Carfax shows multiple owners but that's because my ex-wife got in in the divorce and I bought it back from her a couple of years after that. Texas truck it's whole life and...
  8. Justbuckstuff

    Passenger Side Heating Not Working

    Longtime lurker but first post: My passenger side heating doesn't work but my drivers side works great. -Replaced the thermostat and radiator last fall. -Timing belt and water pump this year -Radiator topped off recently -Engine temp is stable -Had issue with condenser fan not working so only...
  9. 4runnerd

    SOLD  Escondido, CA: OEM LX450 wheels

    Hi guys, I have a set of OEM LX450 alloy wheels that were destined for a project truck that I sold a while back. I’ve always loved these, although that seems to put me in a minority ;) They’re in great shape; just some light scratches, and a few small oxidized spots. I’m in north San Diego...
  10. V

    For Sale  Houston TX - 2019 - Lexus - LX570 - <8000 miles

    Guys I'm working on getting pictures This car is immaculate Two Row DM / PM me, or text me 281 948 1657 I have about 60 days or so to sell this vehicle, not in a rush Asking 78k$ - that should make it one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest LX with under 10k miles on and...
  11. L

    Upgrades for off roofing my 1999 Lexus lx 470

    Hi, I have a 1999 Lexus lx 470. I am new to the off roading world and wanted some help with a few upgrades that I could possibly do. This Lexus IS also my daily driver so I don’t want to do anything that would effect it’s performance too much on the road. I mostly drive it on the road but I also...
  12. M

    First time LX570 owner

    Hi All, I have always been a fan of LCs since I was a kid, so just bought a 2013 LX 570 with 87k miles at an auction, sight unseen & no PPI( I know ) for $29k. The fees, shipping and registration might bring the total up to $35k. And also it has lived in NY all its life. Please cut me some...
  13. M

    For Sale  GX 460 Front Grill

    2010 - 2013 Front grill for Lexus GX-460. 53111-60870 $125 I decided to put an F-sport grill on mine. I do have a box that my other grill came in, so could potentially ship, but prefer pick up in Lakewood, CO. Front Grill for 2011 2012 or 2013 Lexus GX460 Use your Use existing hardware...
  14. eel32

    For Sale  Denver Area: Genuine 21" OEM Lexus LX wheels and Tires (4)

    Lexus LX570 OEM 21" wheels and tires (4). Bought new wheels/tires for my 2016 LX and decided to sell the OEM ones. Great condidtion. Old lady owned the vehicle before me, so easy/light use. Normal wear and tear on the wheels. Light scratching, if any, on the wheels. Dirty, but all wheels and...
  15. BigSh00ts

    SOLD  South Florida 1997 Lexus LX450, 240k miles (possible trade for 03+)

    Edit: may consider trade for clean '03+ 100 series (prefer no AHC) or GX470/460 Another thing. the price will only be the price for a short time, as i'm likely going to be ordering some parts for it (such as new suspension and stuff) She's at the shop getting all new fluids and filters and...
  16. eel32

    2016 LX570 Wheel/Tire Combo Advice

    Any LX'ers out there have upgraded wheels/tires they could share some info/photos with me? I'm liking the ICON Rebound 18" wheels. I'm thinking I'll match them with a BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2. I'm leaning towards the 285/65r18 or the 285/70r18. Does anyone have pictures of this size tire on a...
  17. 4runnerd

    SOLD  Escondido, CA: OEM LX 450 wheels

    Hi guys, I have a set of OEM LX 450 alloy wheels that were destined for a project truck that I sold a while back. I’ve always loved these, although that seems to put me in a minority ;) They’re in great shape; just some light scratches, and a few small oxidized spots. I’m in north San Diego...
  18. M

    Wanted  LX450

    I am looking for 1997 Lexus LX450 preferably in green or black but others as well, for restoration project. Stock vehicles preferred, no body damage, it must run and drive to get on trailer/container. up to 250k miles location: doesn’t matter. US/Canada or the rest of the world. I am from...
  19. F

    For Sale  Dallas:TX 20" stock 4 wheels and tires - 2009 Lexus LX

    Switched to 18" wheels and larger tires. Stock wheels with Lexus Hub Caps + 4 good tires (2 @ 50% tread, 2 at 75%) 900 bucks OBO
  20. adventurefam

    2013 LX 570 Build: "The Wanderer"

    Goal: Build a vehicle capable of taking our family of 5 (3 boys under 8) and all our gear on off the beaten path adventures. We also wanted the ability to carry friends or grandparents along on occasion. We considered Land Rover Discovery, LR4, LR3, Lexus GX, 4Runners, Landcruisers, and...
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