For Sale SOLD - 2003 TLC w/ 195K and upgrades - (VA)

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Mud Price Reduced to $12,500 - hoping for quick sale!

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Purchased truck from another Mud Member (For Sale: - '03 100 Series Land Cruiser, White, Mild 2" Lift and 33" BFG AT KO's [Baltimore, MD]) in 2012. Worked from there to upgrade with most popular mods, and given some other priorities, putting up for sale.

We've been everywhere with it, and wouldn't hesitate to drive cross country at the drop of a hat. Has been my daily commuter along with adventure rig up until last month.

Here is a link to the build thread: DJWUZJ Build out thread

Click here for link to more photos on Google Drive

Truck originated in Roanoke VA, and was sold to the previous owner, before selling to me. It did see winter travel, but just here in MD/VA where we have light winters.

Truck has been maintained in the time I've had it. I have a record of maintenance and upgrades somewhere... will need to check my laptop at home.

Last 90k was performed at 127k miles by Ourisman in Fairfax. Good to go for another 20k miles before next major service.

Overall, truck is still in great shape, and wouldn't hesitate to drive anywhere. As far as needs, the only ones that I know if is that it could use a new Aux battery, as its reached end of life, has an exhaust leak, and airbag light is on (assuming this could be remedied when the Toyota recall is finalized this fall). AC is cool, just not as cold as it used to be. Has some clouding/hazing of the clearcoat in some areas, such as the hood.

Has a football sized dent in right driver's quarter panel where it was hit by a football/basketball by kids in the neighborhood. Two small scuffs on front corners of bumpers from wheeling, and small dent in passenger side rocker from wheeling. Surface rust areas under rear hatch, and behind rear bumper have all been treated (see photos)

Wouldn't hesitate to drive cross country tomorrow. Has been my daily commuter for almost 4 years, up to last month. Trip to work is 70 miles round trip and have been doing that for the past year.

Upgrades (and est price) include:
BIOR Rear bumper with tire swing out ($1500)
Toyo AT2 X-Treme 295/70R18 (over 50% life remaining) on Tundra Steelies ($1800)
Icon VS + OME 864's in rear ($300)
Fox Shocks in front ($250)
Metal Tech LCA's ($350)
Metal Tech Sliders ($800)
Front Runner Roof Rack ($1200)
TJM Awning ($250)
ARB Underhood compressor with hoses, etc. ($500)
IBS-DBS wired, with aux outputs for USB ports, 1000w inverter, etc ($750)
LabRak CB Mount + Firestick Antenna with cables to front ($100)
PFran Interior LED lights ($50)
Spare CV, Coil Pack, Ignition Assembly, and other parts go with it as well. ($750)
(Approx $8600 invested)

Here is a short list of maintenance up to when it started to become dealer serviced (has been well maintained since then):
2/16 - brake fluid R&R
11/15 - new front rotors, pads and 1 caliper + rebuilt E brake pads, etc
10/15 - wiper assembly replaced
11/15 - oil change - 180879
8/15 - oil change - 174878
4/15 - oil change - 168971
12/14 - oil change - 164080
2/14 - oil change - 156000
2/14 - swapped fuel filter - 156000
2/14 - swapped heater hose T's - 156000
1/14 - swapped serpentine belt and tensioner - 155000
1/14 - swapped hi and lo beams for 9011 and 9012 Phillips HIR - 155000
12/13 - MetalTech Slider install
12/13 - diff and transfer fluid change - 152000
12/13 - Pre Cat O2 Sensor Change (proactive) - 152000
11/13 - oil change - 151000
11/13 - new air filter - 151000
8/13 - fox shox 2.0 installed (broke passenger rear Bilstein) - 148000
8/13 - oil change - 146000
8/13 - new wiper blades - 143000
7/13 - tires rotated - 141000
7/13 - windshield replaced (stone)
7/13 - Swapped OME 865 for OME 866 - 141000
7/13 - installed front runner roof rack
7/13 - installed IBS and Die Hard Platinum Marine Aux Batt
7/13 - oil change - 141000
7/13 - rear rotors and all pads replaced - 141000
7/13 - brake system flush - 141000
7/13 - tranny drain and fill x2 - 140000
7/13 - new front bearings and races (proactive) - 140000
3/13 - oil change - 135000
3/13 - tranny drain and fill - 135000
3/13 - power steering flush - 135000
2/12 - tires rotated - 133000
11/12 - oil change - 129000
9/12 - new spark plugs and air filter - 127000
9/12 - 90k (timing belt, cam seals, water pump, PCV) - 127000
8/12 - oil change - 124000

8/13 - purchased - 123000

6/12 - diff and xfer fluid change
6/12 - bearing repack
6/12 - new front and rear away bar end links an bushings
5/12 - OME 866 springs, Bilstein HDs, and slee diff drop installed
10/11 - new die hard platinum battery
11/10 - new lower rear control arms
11/10 - front rotors and brake pads

Always well taken care of with M1 5W-30 and OEM Filters.
Front brakes were done about 6 months ago.
Still have 3rd row seats.
Fridge and other personal items do NOT go with truck.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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Gosh if this was two months later I'd be driving down to pick it up this weekend!

I doubt it will last but I'm very interested if it does. This is exactly what I'm looking for but am not ready money wise just yet.
Great looking truck. Does the driver's drawer mate up to the same level as the middle seats when folded down? Hard to tell in pictures.
pm coming, very interested

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