SOLD Salt Lake City, UT: 1988 FJ62

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
Salt Lake City, Utah United States
Hey everyone,

I am looking to sell my 1988 FJ62. I have owned the vehicle since 2020 and it has been in my garage when its not being driven. I have not had the time that I thought I would (dreamer) to do all of the restoration I wanted to and would like it to go to someone that will do all the right things. Quick background on it; I bought the FJ62 from the guy that owns State Automotive here in Salt Lake that really specializes in Land Cruisers and Toyotas. The engine was replaced with one with roughly 150k miles I was told but the body has 211,270 miles on it. I have no paperwork for the engine swap but I have no reason not to believe what I was told as they're a very reputable shop and great people. The intention was to restore/paint the body and build an off-road capable weekend warrior. As of right now I have done/had done the following and have receipts for:

- Old Man Emu 2.5" Lift Kit
- Front End Alignment
- New exhaust pretty much from the down pipe back (2 new cats, new muffler, y-pipe, etc)
- Oil and filter change
- New stereo and speakers (Apline ilx-w650 stereo and Rockford Fosgate speakers, front and rear)
-New front windshield pump and cap for resevoir
-Windshield wiper conversion kit from City Racer
- OEM Wheels (1 spare)
- Rear Head Rests
- New Trans Filter, Gasket, Drain Plug, and Fluids
- New Diff drain plugs and fluids
- New rear view mirror
- Fuse box cover
- Aftermarket front marker lights
- Rear gate handle and lift gate striker
-Outter headlights
- Rear passenger window motor
- Hood Rod Holder
- New fan shroud

The good stuff:
- Runs, drives, and stops great
- All automatic windows work, some are slow but they work
- Interior is in good shape with the exception of the driver side seat tear
- Underbody has little to no corrosion or rust
- Tires are practically brand new
- Modern stereo w/ Apple Carplay sounds great
- Pass emissions with new catalytic converters
- Solid body with minimal rust
- Rebuilt fusible link (thanks Mark or Coolerman)

The bad, I'll try to list every little thing so there are no surprises:
- Exact mileage on engine unknown
- Very slow leak at rear main seal (have seal and will include with sale)
- Knuckles could use a rebuild (have all parts and will include with sale)
- A/C does not work great but did prior to this winter
- Rear driver side was in some kind of accident prior to me and will need some body work and light housing (in pictures)
- Passenger side rear cargo window has 2 spots of rust that will need repair (doesn't leak just to be perfect needs repair, see pictures)
- There is a slow drain on the battery from somewhere but if I were to guess it'd be the stereo because it did not have this drain before it was installed
- The truck was resprayed at some point in its life some kind of champagne pearl color. Looks similar to stock color but up close you can tell it was not a great job
- Missing duct that goes to driver side vent
- Windshield will need replacing
- Rear speakers penetrations in panels will need modifications because the location shifted slightly
- Automatic locks in rear need to be fixed
- Missing some chrome trim pieces. Piece above rear hatch, some connecting pieces, and the chrome trim on the kick panel.
- Missing the 4WD badge
- Bumper missing endcaps
- A few of the lug nuts are broken (have and will give with sale)
- Oil pressure gage is not working (sending unit may be the culprit)
- Blower only blows on high setting (most likely the blower motor resistor)
- One headlamp is out
- Break master cylinder cap went missing recently (was just going to replace this entire cylinder)
- Passenger mudflap is missing
- Could use a new rear wiper
- Dash has typical cracking but not in terrible shape
- Some stains on carpet and seats but really not too bad
- Play in gear selector

Again, I tried to list every little thing that I can think of that I know is wrong with the vehicle so there aren't any surprises. With that being said I do feel that this is a pretty good example of an FJ62 that is in fair shape.

Price: $18,000

I am open to REASONABLE offers but no trades please so please do not low ball or waste my time. I appreciate the help I've gotten from this community and I hope it can go to one of you or someone that will help this FJ62 turn the corner from good to great. Please feel free to reach out if you've got any questions or need something cleared up. Thank you!





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