pressurewash undercarrage question

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Jun 8, 2007
Hi everyone,

Well, I now have my 4" Downey lift ready to install, I'm super exited. I was thinking about taking the cruiser over to the car wash and spraying undercarrage. I have a large family of black widows that refuse to move out nor pay me rent. My question is dont the axles (stock) have breathers somewhere that I would have to cover before spraying water?
I doubt they would get any water in there from pressure washing, but they are located on top and fairly close to the diff. the rear one on mine is connected to a "T" connector for the brakes.
Go for it, if it was me I would just pressure wash it and be done.
from my understanding; the valves are there to allow air flow when the diff increase in temperature thus pushing air out that equals an open valve now when it is cool or from hot to cool/cold the valve will close and in most cases allow air back in or for instance water in the diff during a river crossing. That's just my understanding as a rook but I'm sure the expert will correct me. As for as pressure washing goes "get her did".

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