Pakistan Soft Top from Ehsan

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Sep 3, 2006
St. Louis, MO
To all:

I have made contact with Ehsan.

Hello there
You have to let me know what year your 40 is. What material you want, Vinyl or Canvas. What color you want (Grey Black,khaki or green) and what style your 40 is (Ambulance doors? tailgate? etc. ) I will then forward you the wire information you will need to wire in the payment.

Does anyone want to get in on a top order?

Below is another note from Ehsan:

Hello again
The top and the bows cost US$700. In groups of 5 or more, the price comes to US$650 + reduced shipping costs. As you may have read on mud, we need some time to make the tops and bows as everything is hand made. I am now increasing the workforce and starting to keep a stock. Each set of bows takes 4-5 days to make and top takes the same. How many do you want to order? Post a thread on Mud if you want to organize a group. Let me know whatever more info you need.
Thank you

Let get it going. The Safari style rear windows is a deal maker for me.

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I am intersted in just the canvas alone (with the safari windows) if that is an option. Any idea what the price for that is? I tried getting on his site... but linky no worky.

Thanks idus25 for getting this going!
I would be in on an order...
ok i'm on the right screen name now...

i'm down... how much is shipping... i could have the money by the time everyone gets around to ordering

i'd def. get the top and the bows too..
Here is an article on Ehsan's repo soft tops.

I have a factory soft top frame for my `68. I think I have the canvas for it somewhere, but I would like to know how well Ehsan's canvas fits a factory frame before I buy his canvas. If it fits well, I'd like a khaki top for my 40.
I would be interested in a top as well:

I have a 74 FJ40 Hardtop so I would need the top & all hardware..
I would like it in Olive (if possible) & canvas..
Is there a website to see what they have, or do I need to look at the pictures posted on mud?

Rory, I just picked up my top yesterday. I still need to put it together but so far I am very happy.

Hey Vfrer,

Ehsan sent this:

To answer the questions on the thread.
The top alone is for US#350
The top would fit an OEM set of bows
and the hardware is all you need to install

Hey Ruadhrigh,

Mud has some good pics out there. I could not get his webste to load.

How many takers are we up to yet. All we need is five, but the more the merrier. When I have a solid count we can get them coming.


Has anyone insight as to how the shipping would proceed? Would a bulk order go to one location, and then all would be responsible to getting it to themselves, or would an order for ten tops get shipped to ten locations? I'm curious as to how shipping costs could be minimized if each order goes to a different part of the country. And, of course, how I could get it to :mad: Alaska....:mad:

On the other hand, why should shipping from Pakistan to North Carolina or California be any less expensive than shipping it to Alaska?:confused:
A group from Texas ordered in bulk to reduce shipping. As I understood it, everyone's top was shipped to one location where one person would receive it. Then that person would divide the shipment and ship to each person or hold it for pick up
I'm in for a top only, no hardware. Eshan also told me he could get me an embossed bezel.
I'd be interested in a canvas top and bows. Do the bows match the factory bows? My 72 was a factory soft top and has the bow mounts but no bows.

I would also be in on this deal. So if one person receives the bulk shipment we would be looking at a second shipping charge to get it to that individual. Maybe we should find someone who is centrally located to receive the shipment...;)
I'm in

I'm in for a Khaki canvas top and bows.

Main shipping will probaby be cheaper to a major port (i.e. Oakland, Long Beach, etc. {no disrespect for the east - just don't know what major ports are over there}) since they are shipped in a container. It might be worthwhile to find out if they are coming from the Atlantic or the Pacific routes to avoid going through the canel.

Last time a deal like this went throught it seems like it took some almost a year from the word go to get their tops.

When all is said and done, you need to allot $200 per top for overseas shipping, brokerage, and local shipping fees. You also need to be really patient. The tops are great, but you should plan on waiting at least 6 months, if not a year.

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