SOLD PA - 1980 Toyota Pickup Truggy 37's Twin Cases Lockers - $11000

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United States
Up for sale is my 1980 Toyota Pickup. I've had this truck for 6 years and in the past year or two it just hasn't got the use it deserves so it's time to move on. The truck has a reconstructed title and I'm guessing it was rebuilt a long time before I got it. I do have a clear PA title for it.

Here's a mostly complete list of stuff done:

-1980 Toyota pickup cab and frame with tube bed
-PPG Delfleet Essential paint
-quick attach doors
-new body mounts
-quick attach rear fenders
-tube bumper
-Bud Built skid plate & crossmember
-Trail Gear frame gussets
-9000lb Badlands winch
-trailer tail lights
-trimmed front fenders
-Bilstein shocks
-fire extinguisher
-off-road jack
-stainless steel hardware

-original Toyota 8" axles
-RCV front axle shafts
-CroMo hub gears
-HD axle seals
-front and rear Aussie lockers
-5.29 gears
-Marlin knuckle ball gussets
-Trail Gear upper axle gusset
-Trail Gear diff armor on front axle
-custom front and rear driveshaft
-hydro assist steering
-low profile drain plugs

Engine / Trans:
-Toyota 22R
-5 Speed
-Marlin Crawler twin transfer cases
-Trail Gear twin stick rear
-new t-case mounts

Wheels / Tires:
-American Racing Aluminum Wheels
-Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 37 x 12.50 x 15 w/ full size spare wheel & tire

In 2016, the truck underwent a frame off resto. The hood and doors were acid dipped, the cab was taken down to bare metal (except for the engine bay), and the entire thing was re-sprayed. A new windshield and fenders were installed then as well. The truck is in really great shape cosmetically. I have the leftover paint and pin striping too. Mechanically, it's extremely stout with only two outlying issues. The carb loses prime, so if the truck sits a while, it takes a little cranking to get the carb filled back up and the truck started. Once it's started, it runs fine with no issues. The other problem is some noise coming from the transmission. I have the trans tunnel off from trying to diagnose it. My best guess is maybe the pilot bearing? It shifts smooth, stays in gear, and operates as it should but makes some noise at a certain load / rpm. All the lights work, horn works, and the heat works. There's no A/C but you can just take the doors off. No radio either.

Aside from looking good, this truck is relatively competitive. I've ran it at a few Rousch Creek club comps. Had a little trouble snapping stock axles but since I added the hydro assist steer and the RCV's it's been great.

I've had my fun with this thing, now it's time for someone else to enjoy it. Any questions, lemme know. Thanks!

Truck is located in Portage, PA.

You can find a gallery here:






Here's some competition pics from 2014:



And one from 2015:

Man oh man how iI loved my '83 Mini with twin Marlin's and dual lockers on 37x 14.50 Boggers. Tubed bed. Winches at both ends.

I'm sure this truck will give someone tons of fun. Good luck.
Nice clean crawler, GLWTS!
Will it still run down the highway, say 65ish?
I'm going to cross post to our local PA forum.

Appreciate the cross-post!

65 in PA mountains is asking a lot of that little engine. 50-60 is more what it's capable of. It drives fine, tracks straight, no issues there. It just doesn't have the balls to do much more, lol. You can wind it out and give it all it's got but you'd be pegged in 3rd to keep it around 65 up hills. When I drove it I just stuck to secondary roads 'cause holding 55 wasn't a problem.

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