For Sale [NY] Full set of mud flaps for FJ60/62 (MUST HAVE FENDER FLARES TO FIT!) (1 Viewer)

Mar 3, 2017
Brooklyn, NY
I have a complete set of front and rear OEM NEW mudguards for an FJ60/62, plus 1 extra set of rear mud flaps.
Please note that the vehicle must be outfitted w fender flares for these to fit. (See sample photo)
I don't have the nuts, bolts, washer to affix to the body, but these are readily available.
Asking $350 + shipping for the lot of 6 mudflaps.

2 x Rear R & L mudflaps part number: 76607-90A01, 76608-90A01

1 x Front R & L mudflaps, part number: 76603-90A01, 76604-90A1

Mud flaps.jpg


Mud flaps 2.jpg

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