For Sale (NSW, Australia) 11/92 HDJ80, Gturbo, upgrade clutch, fuel pump, custom airbox, snorkel etc (2 Viewers)


Jul 8, 2013
New South Wales, Australia
United States
For sale: $23000 AUD ONO

It is with a heavy heart that I am advertising my 11/92 build MY93 RHD australian market HDJ80 for sale. This was/is the dream truck and the money spent on it I believe reflects that. However, due to sickness in the family I have relocated interstate, no longer have a company car due to employment stage etc, and although she is what I want and dreamed of, she's not what I need and I would like her to go to a good home.

So...what she is:
11/92 RHD australian market HDJ80, GXL trim; H151 manual, HF2A full time transfer, rear LSD, manual cloth seats, power mirrors and windows.

I bought her in June 2015 with 292,000 ks, I am the 3rd owner.

What she's had done:

Maintanance items:
PO did knuckle job, seals, front and rear wheel bearings, reconditioned injectors about 50,000 km ago. I can't prove these things per say but wheel bearings and so-on are in good condition when inspected so it seems likely that this was done.

Big-Ends replaced in 1996 by Toyota as part of a recall, they were checked by the PO (who is a heavy equipment mechanic in the QLD Gasfields) and in good condition.

Late 2015/early 2016

Intake manifold gasket replaced at around 294000km with genuine part due to boost leak

Timing belt replaced at 298,000 with genuine belt, tensioner pulley and spring

Water pump and timing belt replaced by PO at 276k-ish KM, which was 7 years before I got it so I did the timing belt again. WP felt fine to rotate and no coolant leakage or anything so I left it alone.

Radiator, V-belts and hoses replaced at 299,000ks, ADRAD 3-core copper brass radiator fitted, genuine belts, hoses and clamps used. Coolant flushed and replaced with 30% Tectalloy Gold (Green)

Chassis-axle brake lines replaced with 2" extended Braided stainless as original lines showing deterioration

Valve lash checked at 308,000 approx when Gturbo installed, all within spec and rocker cover gasket replaced

08/06/16, approx 305,000 km: Front discs machined and bendix 4wd pads fitted, front wheel bearings inspected and repacked, rear discs replaced and bendix 4wd pads fitted, brake fluid flushed, front caliper-axle lines replaced with braided stainless as originals still serviceable but starting to perish a little.

Just about complete service history since new, I've serviced every 5000km with good quality products

Front unis replaced at around 306,000ks, needs some more caster or more weight on the front as there is a few vibes at lower speeds

new 720cca battery around 4 months ago

Last serviced 12/11/16 with Shell Rimula R4X and genuine filter. Fuel filter replaced with 5 micron CAV 296 (adapter fitted to original filter head to accept the CAV style filter with glass bowl water separator)

Resprayed professionally about 8 years ago in original 4K1

This truck has a dealer fitted 'Farmer's pack - sunvisor, ARB turbo timer and Akubra holder, I have all these items)

'Kill switch' (part of wiring harness from ignition to fuel cut solenoid can be removed - more info over PM if required)

Kenwood/Pioneer sound system - has been a little finicky lately playing songs off a USB

ARB winch bar, fitted by original owner

285/75/16 General Grabber AT2s, about 5-7mm tread left, fitted to stock rims

Custom 100mm (4") Drop 50mm ball tow bar on Hayman Reece hitch/reciever

LED taillights and clear front indicator lenses

Dash mat

Factory dual fuel tanks - 145 litres total capacity

GME 40 channel UHF and Heavy Duty Arial

Deep-dish rubber floor mats (sorry, I had them out when I took the pics)

Upgrades, all fitted within the last approx 15,000km
3" Manta Mandrel bent dump pipe and exhaust, runs inside chassis from turbo back until rear axle, exits in stock location. Rattles sometimes against rear heat shield, could be fixed with a lower-profile clamp or tweak the heat shield a little.

Lovells 'progressive heavy duty' 2" springs, measures out at about 3" lift although the front is sitting at about 4" at the moment, probably needs a second battery to settle it a bit more
EFS elite extended shocks
3 degree rubber caster bushings and replaced Chassis-end radius arm bushes (genuine)

Cross Country Top mount 600x400x76mm ultimate intercooler with 900 CFM SPAL fan relayed up to ACC with colour coded scoop-perfect match

XXi 1000nm rated clutch, not much heavier than stock pedal, organic disc with 3000kg clamping force

XXi stage 1 12mm fuel pump and ACSD delete - timing at 1.3mm lift

Gturbo Badboy turbo

Hallman boost controller

Moonlight Fabrications custom stainless airbox, 4" from snorkel into airbox, 4" out to turbo, reducing to 3" to suit the Gturbo, designed around a Donaldson P602657 filter

Raslarr 4" stainless snorkel

VDO 30psi boost gauge and Pyrometer (EGT) fitted into the exhaust manifold pre-turbo

HPD catch can - mounts on the brake booster

Tough Dog RTC steering damper

Dominator 12000LB 6.6hp winch with synthetic rope and custom alloy fairlead

2x Illuminator 150 watt LED spot lights

Machined aluminium adapter to allow stock fuel filter head to accept the widely available CAV206 filter and glass water separator bowl

Dyno tuned by Cross Country 4x4 08/06/16: 153.7 RWKW and 580 RWNM, pulling off at 17:1 - 18:1 AFRs, runs 20:1 on boost, leaning out to 21:1 above 3000rpm. Boost controller set at 25PSI

The not-so-good points:

Paint is 8 years old, has small chips, scratches, shopping centre dings and so-on consistent with normal use
A couple of minor oil weeps - slight dampness around bell housing area (Probably rear main) and power steering reservoir. Transfer case rear output leaves the occasional drip on the ground.
Timing belt light won't reset
A bit of deterioration on drivers seat as per pics
Drivers side rear window seems to be having trouble with the regulator
Drivers window glass seems to be binding in the run
Passenger windows both operate smoothly and at a reasonable speed
Rear bumper has a couple of scuffs and gouges which were present when I bought the truck
Fuel system seems to be sucking air somewhere - after sitting for a while, sometimes needs 4 or 5 seconds cranking before it starts, otherwise starts with a 1/2 turn like the typical 1HD-T. Fuel filter head leaks diesel from primer when primer used, new head and clamps on the way from Land Cruiser Parts and Consulting (Beno) which, if not fitted, will be included with the sale.

Registered in New South Wales until September 2017, will be sold with NSW pink slip as appliccable.

Open to any inspection or reasonable offer, but not stupid offers please, she's cost me over 35k as she sits now.





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