Now it's my turn... my headgasket

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Nov 16, 2004
Pasadena, CA
Started today Monday 05/07/07 from 12pm - 5pm PST :frown:
Headgasket 003.jpg
Headgasket 004.jpg
Headgasket 005.jpg
LOOK at the inside of the valve cover......:eek:

It looks lik it was cast yesterday...............
yea, I had to put sunglasses on when I saw that cover inside... :D

whatcha using for oil?

(or maybe he's cleaning the stuff up for the pics as he goes along :) ?)
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dude, you GOT to remove that hood - it makes it SO much easier! :grinpimp:

also, you know that once that head is back on you need to bolt up a different exhaust with a wee, little snail hanging off it...

seriously, good luck getting it all buttoned up, it feels good to know you've got the new and improved Version 2.0 headgasket in there.
LX_TREME- has that valve cover ever been off before, or was it cleaned at any time prior to taking those pictures? If not, you gotta fill us in on your choice of oils and oil change intervals + any additives you might use. If so, nice job with the cleaning! ;)
To All.. the valve cover I cleaned it yesterday right after I removed it. I use Gunk engine degreaser and Lemon dishwashing liquid :flipoff2: :hillbilly:

And today I'm going to get the valve cover sand blasted and black chrome powder coated with super high gloss clear.Just same as the pic below,

I'm very sorry, today I wont be able to reply some of your question, I'm going to continue to remove all of them include the timing chain, piston rings, rods...etc
I'm impressed LX, not only are you the only one here who is not only unafraid to tout his love of bling and lowrider scene :) (not a riskless feat in these parts) and at the same time highly technically competent and unafraid of digging deep into the beast vitals....

A rare combo indeed! :cheers:
I'm going to continue to remove all of them include the timing chain, piston rings, rods...etc
You're tearing the whole thing apart?

Why not just rebuild it?
He found an external coolant seep at the back of the engine when he had the transmission out for another reason.

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