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Nov 24, 2017
The day I found it





So I bought this from a older gentleman that had bought it new . He was / is a paint and body guy. He told me he repainted this about 20 years ago . His wife is ill and he just can not do what he used to so is down sizing some of his toys . He wanted this to go to someone that was going to enjoy it . He recently had a bunch of work done to it . All new brakes , brake cyl, master cyl, hoses ect. Brand new oe fuel tank , After washing about 10 years of filth from sitting off I took her for a ride around the block . I have never driven a 3 on the tree so that took a min to figure out But it drives pretty good . My plans ? first thing is get everything sound change all fluids plugs wires ect . I ordered the pertronix ignition oe wires ,cap ,plugs. No need to mess with points . I am thinking 35s or 37s Still not sure Or keep it stockish and find some steelies with hub caps and 33s . I do have access to FJ 60 axle that are all set up for spring over and a saginaw steering set up . I am kinda thinking a resto mod type build . i can get a nice 2f with 4 speed and split case , not sure i want to keep the 3 on the tree.
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I have the fiberglass lid and have located a rear lift hatch
I'm in the initial stages of my '71 FJ40 build. It has a '76 2F, and I'll install an FJ60 electronic ignition. The 2F will also get 3FE exhaust manifolds. I'll install an OME suspension kit, and will probably use 70-Series wheels with BFG 235/85R16 ATs like on my '86 FJ60. Will use 3.70 FJ60 differentials, an '84 HJ47 H41 mated to an '85 BJ45 split transfer case with rear drum parking brake and 3:1 gear set. It already has a mini-truck PS gearbox with a Tercel 4WD wagon PS pump, and a mini-truck/FJ60/4-Runner disc brake upgrade. My goal is to use mostly all Toyota parts in my build, but it'll be far from the original set-up.
What a good looking truck after a bit of polishing! You're going to get all kinds of opinions. My vote is 2.5" lift (procomp or dobinsons springs), quality shocks (bilstein on lower end, or dobinson IMS / Fox 2.0 on upper end!), and 33x10.5's on stock steelies with hubcaps. You won't need power steering with this setup IMO. I would run it with the 3 on tree for a while. There is a member coming out with a top adapter plate to swap in a 4spd H42 while maintaining the column shifter :grinpimp: :grinpimp: :grinpimp: @red66toy . I am going to use one in my '71 when they come to market to maintain the cool factor of the column shifter. I also like the vacuum shift t-case so I bought the parts to mate it up to the H42 from Mark @ Marks offroad. I like the clean no hole humps in these early trucks.

Looking forward to following along. Whats up with the blue 40 in the garage? It looks pretty well built?
It’s your truck. If you want 37s, do 37s. Don’t let other people interrupt what you want to do with your truck. 37s take a lot of work though. You need to spend a ton of money redoing your gearing and suspension and body to make them fit. It will also feel very underpowered with the stock engine. The stock looking route is also good, and it is a lot easier to get parts for. 37s require more fabrication.
The Blue 40 :rolleyes: lol thats were it all started . About 20 years ago i guess i went on a camping / wheeling trip Or at least what we thought was . I went to Tellico in NC and by chance camped next to a group from FL. i was also from FL . what i did not know was it was a TLCA GSMTR event going on . I had a 4 runner at the time and i think if i remember correct my front diff was broke ? anyways We got to talking with these guys and learned there was a event going on and they offered to let us ride along with them the next day . They all had 40s I had always liked the 40s but never even had been in one, i was just amazed at how capable they were . Long story short one of the guys there was Mike Mcminnis a member here Also Bill Cross Sputnik40 .Every year we would meet back there for GSMTR untill they closed Tellico . Mike had the blue 40 . Fast forward many years and i have had a TON of Toyotas but never got a 40 Last year i talked Mike into Running the Rubicon with us He made the trek out with his 200 and we had a great time . I had not seen him in Years and he still had old Blue but she got put away wet and needed some help . Somehow we convinced his wife that he should bring Blue out here and let me get her going again . ( This was Mikes first LC) so Mike made the trek back out . Once i got Blue running again i started looking for 40s really for parts and i just happen to find Red, and the rest is history . The blue 40 was built well 20 years ago but its time to bring her back Bigger and badder than ever so we have some big plans . It has a built 2f with fuel injection 4 speed with Orion t-case FJ 60 axles linked in the rear on 39 red label Krawlers. . The plan is swap in a FJ 80 rear FF have sitting here and then put a Diamond front axle with a tundra diff /dana 60 outers . Full Hydro and link the front .
Few pics The white 200 on the Rubicon is Mikes






I love the look of a cruiser on 35"s with a 4" lift.

As long as the wheel well is trimmed nicely and the lip replaced, I think they look amazing.



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