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Feb 28, 2019
Duluth, GA
Not having delusions of grandeur but I can't help but think I'm getting some lower mpg's than most. As it is I don't drive too far with my gx, 10 miles d2d from my work to home. All side roads and some traffic. I'm averaging low 13s with fuel mileage. On the highway I can get that number up to 16 but that's about it.

I'm using the fulley app to track, not relying on the dash to figure it out. I'm not expecting hybrid mileage by any stretch of the imiiagion but I'm wondering if there are any suggestions to look at things they might have a negative effect on mgps?

New tires (properly filled) were installed a month ago.
Air filter is new
I've tried monitoring regular vs. premium (no diff.)
Need to check spark plugs as I don't know when they were last done.

Anything else I should be looking at or take note of?
Diff fluids, PCV.... Other than that, you're on the right path. Sometimes, the difference is so minute with a BOF, It's almost like trying to see if A/C vs windows rolled down. You know what I mean?

The other thing that I see is that you only drive 10 miles which is where most of your crappy mileage is going, well... Crappy..
I’m in the same boat. Until ~6 months ago, I drove to work on the highway, approx 40 miles round trip in Pittsburgh rush hour traffic. I was averaging about 13-14MPG on stock size tires. The best MPG I got with stock tires was around 17-18 on long interstate highway drives.

I’ve since started taking the bus, which picks up 5 miles from my house. My MPG dropped to around 12 at that time. I assumed it was because of the short trips and more stop and go driving.

Even more recently, I put 275/70 E-rated tires on. That has dropped my MPG to around 10MPG to the bus stop. I get around 15MPG on long interstate highway drives now.
On stock tires, and height, in city or non-freeway driving 12-13 is what I used to get. On long freeway drive I got 16-19 but I drive 65 mph pretty much all the time. It drops fast if you go above 65

With 35s (BFG KO2), lift and regear to 4.56, I get 11-12 in the city and 15-16 on the freeway.

Most things people advised about mileages (except tires and speed, and roof racks) doesn't much affect MPG.
I have to figure out what mine is post exhaust...but I was getting 12-14 city and 13-15 highway with 35s, HEAVY, etc. But I am a madman for PM and have replaced so much my 03 could be considered almost new.
On my last tank, I got 14.07 mpg on regular 87 on mixed city and highway driving. No offroad driving. My maintenance is recent but not obsessive. Mine is a 2003 mostly original except wheels, tires, uca, and front coilovers.
Better to face the facts now... these engines are thirsty.....mine (lifted/STmaxx 255/75 tires (32" ) /skids sliders ) consistantly gets 10-12mpg city / 16-18mpg highway.
I installed new air filter, new spark plugs.. even tried premium fuel.... made no difference ... I'm happy i bought this as a toy instead of a daily as a full tank of city driving nets me just a little better than 200 miles on the odo as the fuel gauge hits empty.
I am so totally unwilling to sacrifice the zippiness of the GX to fuel prices :flipoff2: - I don't care what it costs, I fill it up, I push the pedal, I go - life's too short to spend any amount of it on uninspired driving :steer:

Well, now we know how you are making the money! Pretty cool! Real question is when are you making a GXOR forum for us people without Facebook?
I am so totally unwilling to sacrifice the zippiness of the GX to fuel prices :flipoff2: - I don't care what it costs, I fill it up, I push the pedal, I go - life's too short to spend any amount of it on uninspired driving :steer:


oh I agree. I added the tank because I don't want to drive differently but still wanted range. I will say that I drive differently with the new exhaust...because it will wake up the dead if I get into it lol
Two related questions -

Most cars I have driven sit at the F mark for a little bit before it starts moving. I have noticed that this truck will move off the F mark in as little as 10-20 miles. Is that the case for others?

Also, we are supposed to have a 23 gallon fuel tank. I just got the truck, but my low fuel light seems to be coming on around 17-18 gallons. Is that the case for others too? Seems like a big reserve.

Just curious if something is off with my fuel sender, or if it's just how these work. I only got my truck about a month ago.
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I haven't noticed my gauge move from F that early. I'll keep an eye on it next time I fill up.

My fuel light does come on around 18 gallons. I've gone at least 15 miles past "0 miles to empty" text on the info center and still only filled up 21.XX gallons. I'm not sure where the other 2 gallons go. Maybe one day I'll carry a jerry can with me and pull a Kramer.
I get 18-19 on road trips and 16-17.5 daily driving to work and around town. That being said I do tend to drive pretty mellow and rarely jump on the go pedal unless getting on the freeway or passing. Stock size tires for now and a 2" lift A/C mostly on windows up but sunroof open lol!
Owning a V8 Toyota
With the aux tank I get to about 120 miles before mine moves because of the backflow from the aux to the main. Until they get to "full" they don't move the gauge at all. I think I have 3-4 gallons just in the various tubes and such when I fill up lol
My smiles per gallon is about 50 or 60 around town and on the highway in the woods way higher. This mpg you speak of is for non landcruiser owners.
I like to clean the throttle body and mass air flow sensor at sparky bolt changes in addition to everything else listed. I also opted for copper plugs as they are inexpensive and deliver more spark energy all other things being equal. Yes I know they are only good for 25000 to 30000 miles but I cant remember owning a car with easier sparkplug changes. I mean 15-20 minutes including R&Ring the air box which I would do any way for the throttle body cleaning. plus I agree with others here that gas mileage isn't everything.


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