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Dec 20, 2005
I'm having the wheebase on my 40 stretched (moving both rear and front axles) and I'm going from 35x13.50x15's to 37x14x15's. I have an SOA with the flat OEM springs in the front so with those springs, moving the axle forward, and 37' tires, I'm going to have fender clearance issues.

My 40 is street legal and sees some on-road driving, but it's primarily built for off-road. I'm looking for opinions on whether to install the Metal Tech tube fenders or trim my current fenders. I know both options require cutting sheet metal and I'm not worried about that since it's main focus is off-road. I'd appreciate any info from anyone that's been in the same situation.


why dont tou cut first then go out and then if you need more clearance get the fenders?

that is what im going to do after my tires and flex combo.
put em on. i'm soa with flat springs and 36s and i'm very close to the stock fenders
If the fenders are in good shape, sell them, use the cash to buy to buy the tube fenders.

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