Is this a stock Shift lever?

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Spike Strip

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Nov 22, 2005
Not familiar with later 40's. This is supposed to be a '77. Is this the stock shift lever? If not, what's likely there? Owner doesn't know, or isn't saying.

Mine only has 1 bend in it
Here is what my '77's stick did look like when I got it, one bend only. I've since, bent it a little more up so I can place a cup in the cup-holder on my Tuffy.

Haven't had a chance to look at the truck, yet, so I suppose it could be a heated and bent shifter, but why? With a 5 spd, ok, but there'd be no reason to bend a stock one with a stock 4spd. Anything is possible with POs, but ?

OK, thanks, GA - makes some sense if they wanted to move it outta the way of something....
Might just be bent for personal preference. I drove a number of different 2-5 ton trucks back in the seventies. Those all had bench seats and the shifters were almost vertical for leg room. A PO may have driven a truck with a shifter like that and bent his FJ40 to match. I switch to a floor shifter in my 68, the passenger's seat couldn't fold down with the shifter in first gear. I would have to switch it to reverse to fold the seat down. With a center passenger you had to be careful not to have your hand in their crotch when shifting. Bending the shifter would have solved these. I've long since switched to a four speed and added bucket seats.
Only one bend is stock. Mine (1980, built in '79):


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