Install: Diode Dynamics SmartTap Flasher Relay 2015 Land Cruiser

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Mar 16, 2019
Boston, MA
I searched around a bit and didn't find much information on this. So after tearing my vehicle apart trying to find the turn signal relay, I figured I would post some instructions. It's easy, takes about 15 minutes and only requires a phillips head screwdriver, a 10mm socket, and maybe a small flathead screwdriver or pocket knife.

I swapped my OEM relay out on my 2015 LC for a Diode Dynamics SmartTap CF18 Flasher Relay, because I wanted it to do the automatic "intelligent" 3-blink turn signal for lane changes. In other words, what is on most newer cars, that allows you to slightly tap the turn signal stalk and it makes the turn signal flash 3 times (perfect for lane changing). I know some hate this feature and some love it. I personally am used to it from my 2017 Tacoma and 2018 Highlander, so wanted it in my 2015 LC.

1. Remove bottom black plastic kick panel on driver's side. It takes 2 phillips head screws.

2. Remove middle black plastic panel above the kick panel and below the steering wheel (maybe people would call this a knee panel?). It takes removing two 10-mm bolts. On my vehicle, you need to flip down two little plastic covers to expose the bolts. I used a small screw driver or pocket knife and those covers pop down like little doors to expose the bolts. They are fragile and I broke one, so be careful. Once the bolts are removed, you pull it towards you and then upward.

3. Now you need to find the relay. Here is a picture pointing it out. A trick is to turn the vehicle on (not the engine) and turn on the turn signal and you will hear the relay clicking. If you put your hand on it, you'll feel it vibrate with each click. That's a good way to ensure you're removing the correct plug.

This is what it looks like on my 2015:

4. Unplug the OEM relay. The old relay itself is secured to the car, so all you need to do is unplug the harness from the relay. That's just a matter of pushing in the little pin on the right and pulling the harness toward yourself until it unplugs. Here is a close-up.


5. Now you should be able to plug in the new flasher relay to the unplugged harness. After plugging it in, I ended up using a zip-tie to secure the new relay and harness to an adjacent harness.

Here is a photo of the new relay zip-tied on. It's the tan colored relay. Note that I removed the panel of buttons/switches (as you see in this photo), but that was not necessary. For reference, I also removed all the steering wheel trim (upper/lower), and that was also unnecessary. You live and learn.


6. Test your turn signals and hazards to ensure everything works before buttoning your car back up.

7. Put your car back together.

Here is an instruction manual for the CF18. Changing the settings, like number of flashes or how the hazards work, is really easy.

I got it for about $60 on amazon. Hope this helps someone.


Now I hope someone could do this kind of write up for the 2016 up lc’s discussing computers configurations
wow, really miss the 3-blink auto from my old Chevy work truck and some features I didnt know I need!!
I'll be getting one of these! thanks for the pointer and instructions!
I should add from one Mass-Hole to another, why are we so concerned with the "smaht blinkah"? ;)

when we moved here I joked to my wife that when they inspected her car, they disabled the blinkers and doubled the horn volume!
I should add from one Mass-Hole to another, why are we so concerned with the "smaht blinkah"? ;)

when we moved here I joked to my wife that when they inspected her car, they disabled the blinkers and doubled the horn volume!

Wicked pissah !!
16+ have the relay integrated into the infotainment - so no luck for those. If you want LED blinkers you have to install the load resisters or get bulbs that have them integrated. I can't for the life of me fathom why Toyota didn't make the 16+ with LED blinkers or at-least LED compatible.

I bought these for my front blinkers. Look pretty good IMO. Very bright and a nice deep / rich orange color.

Now I hope someone could do this kind of write up for the 2016 up lc’s discussing computers configurations
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Another Taxachusetts native here - escaped to VietNam in 1970 and never lived in the Bay State again. Of course, driving in Boston during my formative years, I was lucky enough to be schooled by professors of the "Me First" school of driving. First rule of Me First is - no blinkahs! If you telegraph your moves going into the Sumnah Tunnel at rush houah, you'll wind up standing still.

Don't be a loozah - hands off the blinkah!

In summary - I can live without the fancy blinker.

3rd MassHole here, wondering what this "blinker" thing is. I thought we just turn the wheel and hope for the best?

That said, the new relay is dope. Put one in my 200. Very cool item.

Nice to hear from all the fellow MAssholes. Use yah blinkah!
Damn, I was so stoked to hear I could put this into my LC until I read that its not available for the 2016+

Now to dive down that rabbit hole...
nice work, this is what i need. did you leave the battery connected? or just reconnect to test?
thanks! This might actually give me the confidence to do this. I've wanted to do it for a while but I am a bit of a moron when it comes to these sorts of things. Honestly disappointing that it doesn't come stock like this but seems like an "easy" fix. Thanks!
I installed that thing without taking the cover off. It was a few hours of laying on my back on the floor, legs dangling out drivers door, fingers and hands contorted under the dash. I actually tore the relay off it's mount and broke the body of the relay. I bought a new OEM relay to use the cover, swapped the covers with the Diode Dynamics, and snapped the new part in the OEM location. I considered just zip tying it, but I'm far too OCD for that. I did notice that the audible clicks got a little less hollow with the body attached the metal mount, but it might not have been worth the trouble. The flasher is nice though, as I like the nice bright LED flashers and regular flash rate. The extra modes are just icing on the cake.
despite my best efforts at ruining this, I was able to get it installed. took me, a mechanical idiot approx 30-45min. I took off the lower plate and knee plate - never done that before, without too much effort. Hardest part for me was just fitting myself in the footwell. not a lot of space! I was able to get it installed and it actually works. Thanks for posting the "how to guide", it really helped!
Basically every time I drove my truck since I read this thread, I had to have this...

Got one yesterday and had it installed in 30 mins flat at lunchtime. Bottom kick cover, and the knee panel off and was able to see the relay. Turns out the aftermarket auto start was in the way, so I popped the panel with all the switches and went thru that hole.

3/4 banana job. Would have been 1/2 except for the skin I left hanging on the metal bracket left of the steering wheel and had to get a bandaid.

Thanks for the pointer on this!!

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