How bad does this birf look?

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I have seen worse.

Make sure it's got grease in the cavity. and you should be able to drive it for a while.

That said, a front axle rebuild is in your future.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I agree, also the fact that the 'ball' is nice and shiny then a future repair should be successful. As per 94srunner advice fill the cavity and get it done at a later date. I would add that it might be worth opening the filler plug on the axle and drawing out a drop of the oil, if it is black and nasty then the rebuild should be sooner than later as the gear oil is contaminated.


There is a plug on top of the axle you can remove and put the grease in. It can be done in a parking lot I would think.
Plug on top of birf for grease is square 12mm (1/2 inch...ish) IIRC? Once undone you can shove a grease gun in there with some moly grease and give it a dozen good pumps get you home.

The axle oil can wait until your home, oil check plug on differential is IIRC 24mm, check you can undo top up plug before removing drain plug.


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Read through the FAQ section.

I use Valvoline Palladium grease.
I don't own the vehicle yet. How do I "fill the cavity" ? Can this be done in a parking lot or do I need tools? It's out of state and i'd like to drive it home 2k miles.

a molly based grease for the knuckle, the oil leak on the front of the engine is almost certainly the 'oil pump cover' messy but it is most often a slow leak, just check the oil level when you gas up. the knuckle plug is easy to access as long as you turn the steering to full lock so you can get at it, small square plug towards the front upper of the knuckle itself.


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