Helped needed removing starter case screws

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Dec 10, 2007
Trying to pull my 2.2kW starter apart to check the innards but can't get the two short case screws loose (the long 10mm bolts came out no problem). Tried PB Blaster then some light heating then Freeze-off; no-go using a long #3 Phillips professional grade screwdriver. Also, should the field/motor case end just fall off (it didn't) or do we just bang on it until it drops out??
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Impact driver. No toolbox should be without one.

Thanks, any particular brand?
Bought the SEARS tool with four bits (slotted, #2,3,4 Phillips). Banged away using the #3 bit making sure the tool was in the loosen direction; no joy, didn't work. A large vice might help hold the starter still, but don't got one of those. Put some more PB Blaster on the end of the screw threads with the starter pointy side down so the Blaster will sit on the end of the threads maybe working it's way in better?? IDK. Any other ideas?

Edit: tried again after soaking in PB Blaster again, screws didn't budge.
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maybe bolt it to something? i wonder if it fits in the rear crossmember holes...
Finally got the two case screws to come out. I think the magic was applying a mixture of synthetic ATF and acetone over the heads of the screws with the starter standing nose up. I replenished the acetone multiple times. After sitting like this for an hour or so I whacked the screws again with the impact driver using a 3lb engineers hammer (small sledge with a short handle) first in the tighten direction then in the loosen direction, and they came loose. When I pulled the screws out it appeared that almost nothing got in from the exposed tips of the screw threads but more seemed to get underneath the screw heads which then worked it's way down the threads. Here's a couple of photos. Plan is to clean it up, inspect and replace worn parts, regrease the moving components, and put it all back together.

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