Hand / parking brake mod

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Jan 23, 2013
London, UK (previously Sydney, Australia)
Has anyone used these extended dog bones in their handbrake?
They claim they can make the handbrake usable, which would be great!

from the site:
"If you own a Landcruiser you will no doubt have been frustrated with the constant handbrake issues plaguing your vehicle. More often then not, the handbrake simply does not work.

This set of extended "dog bone" spacers fixes the handbrake by separating further the brake shoes to provide a more effective application of the hand brake.

These spacers are simple to install and replace the factory spacers. Once installed your handbrake will work like a dream again making your vehicle once again safe."
Mine works fine after cleaning it up, adding new shoes, and tightening it up via the FSM procedure. This sounds like a band-aid instead of fixing what's really wrong.
I could never understand the issues that people have with the handbrake. On a rear drum equipped truck, regular usage keeps the rear shoes in proper adjustment and on my 91 it can stop the truck.
The FF rear requires periodic manual adjustment to keep the hand brake shoes adjusted properly and on my 97 LX450 can also stop the truck.
If your handbrake doesn't work, then fix the damn thing.

Garage adjusted with new shoes it would work for a month or so, after that it was useless.
I adjusted it last week and it's okay, but if i parked on a hill without it in gear, i wouldn't bother looking for it where i left it.

HDJ 80, 1990
Maybe your inner liners are out of spec. Might need new drums and not just shoes.
Mine was adjusted and worked for about a month before it failed again. The spring in the drum pulled itself off. Put it back on and readjusted and its working but I have a feeling it will happen again. I'll replace the spring if it does. Now that I have a manual the brake needs to work.
I just removed mine. I'm sure there is someone on here that has actually used it but I never have.
so how do you adjust the for cable stretch on a 94? I know I can adjust the shoes but any way to do it at the handle, like my vw?
does this company ship to USA?
You can get the same part from any terrain tamer stockist.
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