Fuel Pump Diaphragm Rod Differences?

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Apr 2, 2015
Were there different types of end features on the F engine and early 2F engine fuel pump diaphragm rods - the feature that captures the pump arm?

The photo shows one type, but the one I had was tee-shaped, without a hole, as shown in @red66toy's rebuild video:

Fuel Pump Diaphragm Rod - 1.png
Interesting, I have not see that end. The diaphragms between the early 60s pump and the late 70s pump were almost identical... even that rod T.
I found this image on a forklift website:

Is it possible one is for the earlier style with the hand primer? I have taken a fuel pump apart in a few years. Never torn down the one with and without the hand primer at the same time.
Hey @4Cruisers I found more info on that odd hook diaphragm! It looks like the 25/28 had that style rod end and some of the very early 40 series. I am not sure on the exact date of the transition to the more ubiquitous T-end rod. I met a guy last night with a real survivor 1962 FJ40 and his fuel pump had the early hook style. So I am guessing maybe a transition around 62/63? Hopefully someone has some parts books around those years.
exploded diagram .jpeg
Thanks for the follow-up! Good information.
I think the transition was within the hand primer pump era. All my hand primer pumps have the T-shaped rod end.

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