Fuel leak help

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Jul 17, 2012
Have a fuel leak under the fj40's . what do I do to fix it?


Figure out where it's leaking from...

Could be a loose clamp where the soft line joins to the tank...

Could be old rotted soft line leaking...

Could be holes in your gas tank... The bottom of the tank is known to rust into pinholes

Could be a number of other things...

Pull the tank and fIgure out where it's leaking from...
Is that the exhaust it's leaking onto?

Listen to @pngunme.

Wait...didn't the tank move under the truck in '79?

That's the cross member that it's leaking onto... I'm thinking this is a late '78... it looks just like where the soft hoses and sender wires exit the floor on my '78... except mine doesn't leak :cool:

...and, like you said, the tank is supposed to be under the truck on a '79...
Odds are at least one of the clamps on those hoses have give up the ghost. Look at the bottom of the well the fuel tank sits in. If it is dry around the hole for the drain plug in the tank, you tank is probably OK. Your probably looking at four feet of fuel line and four hose clamps.
thanks for the suggestions guys, I really appreciate the insight. I'll take a look at it soon and let you know my results.

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