fj40 gas tank in an FJ55? (1 Viewer)

Apr 2, 2021
aptos, CA
I have a destroyed fuel tank from my fj55 which is basically impossible to replace. So my solution to replacing the fuel tank while retaining the stock emissions system is to swap an fj40 fuel tank in the back with custom mounts and an fj40 fuel separator as they have three nipples on the bottom while the fj55 has four. However, I was worried that changing everything would effect how the check valve works (im still young and learning lol) so I checked the part number for fj40/55 check valves and they are identical meaning there shouldn't be any issues I assume.

I will be ordering the steel aftermarket 16 gallon tank and a used fj40 fuel separator next week and then building some custom mounts to fit it in the fj55 tank location, if anyone is interested I can update with pictures as things come together. I would love some advice because I cant find any info on this sort of thing.

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