FJ40 Floormat madness

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Dec 3, 2012
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What is wrong with people? This IS madness!:flush: It's gray, not black, so I'm wondering if it's '79 and up?
Bwahhaha almost a 3rd of the cost of my 40!
gray is correct for later models

When I got my 82 back in 2004, I ordered a new floor mat(and other 2 vinyl bits that attach)think it was $225.......and it was the last new one in the world that Toyota had, Rick D told me to just put it away.....I installed it, but did put away the last of the new OEM seat covers(and other goodies)

I still go to the ocean and look for any parts that might be floating in from Japan after the far just a bunch of Nike's in size 6 and all left feet
On e-bay today an original Toyota front floor mat is going to be sold for probably around 1K, aren't these still reproduced to the original ones ?


The answer to your question lies in what the buyer is doing with the restoration. If it's a concourse restoration, that mat could be the difference between winning or loosing, and getting top dollar from a collector. If it's rolling across a Barrett-Jackson auction stage as a 100% original FJ40, it better have an 'original' OEM parts. Original FJ40s have fetched over $100,000. The $1000 floor mat is cheap when you look at it like that.
On e-bay today an original Toyota front floor mat is going to be sold for probably around 1K, aren't these still reproduced to the original ones ?

No longer available from Toyota and no one is yet making a nice reproduction, at least not in the U.S. Some nice condition used later model OEM floor mats have also gone for big $ on ebay. Now I may have to store my nice condition floor mat and use something else!
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don't feel so bad about what I paid for mine now
Man and I gave away two that were perfect :-/
Bandeirante had nice mats... dont know how one would fit in a cruiser... but... they do look nice

older style on top

Another future Group buy-project maybe?
You trying to give it that weathered look?
Someone should start reproducing them
Sold $ 1.525,00 !

I paid $850 to Overton for a near perfect 75-78 black mat. I think it was well worth it. I also bought a pair of mats for under the seats of a 79-84 just because they were available. My 82 has a complete set of mats. I wish someone would make these but i think it is so expensive to make a mold and the demand is rather small.
There's another thread around here regarding the mats. I has considered making a nice reproduction but I understood that someone else was already reproducing them?
Greg - You make a reproduction mat with the craftsmanship and quality like your dash pads, you would definitely have something there!

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