fj- 40 driveshafts

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May 6, 2005
Southern Calif.
73 stock fj-40 2f engine just about have everything together and ready to install my sm465 using woodys adapter plate i have all the misc. parts but my question now is after the install how do i measure the driveshafts for the correct length or since this has been done before is there a standard length with this install thanks
Who you trying to get to make these shafts? Tom Wood's web page shows how he measures them for ordering one of his.

Usually from mounting surface to mounting surface IIRC.

Or maybe I don't get your question. :confused: Do you already have the shafts, why do you need a measurement?
Because of the MANY different suspension and engine configurations, there cannot really be 'one standard size'...

Measure from the center of the diff companion flange, to the center of the mounting point on the tcase.

If you have done a shackle reversal, remember to make sure the driveshaft will not pull apart on flex, or knock the case off the trans on compression. ;)

Good luck!

i have the stock driveshafts and i am using treeroots install guide for putting the 465 in my 40 i just didnt know where to measure from on order to have mine cut or lengthend , stock suspension ! i guess what i need to know is how to figure this out so my driveshafts dont compress to far or pull apart . thanks
Oh, then like Poser said...

I'd take measurements at full droop and full compression (go flex it out in a ditch or something and take measurements) then just have it made to fit between and give yourself an inch or so on either side, if ya know what I mean.

But wait, you can't drive it yet huh...
covered at Tom Wood's site, under "order/quote" at the top of the page.

Pretty easy deal since you are stock height...

measure distances between flanges front and rear before the swap...

then measure again afterwards, and have a driveshaft shop make up the difference.

I found that a 3spd front shaft fit my rear perfectly after the SM420 swap, and I made a square tube driveshaft for the front.
I measured mine with two small dowels ziptied together. It gave the ability to shorten and lenghten at will ( an old retractable antenae will also work) Problem with the flanges on Landcruisers is they are cupped on the interior of the flang so getting an accurate measurement is not so easy. It's a lot easier to put the transfer case in neutral turn the rear shaft till it at least one side is level and do the same on the rear diff (use a jack and rotate the tires) Then you can take measurements on either side of the flange. I also had a little point on eash dowel to get it just right. Though an 1/8 of an inch either way isn't going to hurt you.
I have had a few driveshafts lengths altered before and always seem to end up getting one slightly too long or short. I measured just like on Wood's site and certainly can read a tape. When I did my spring reversal I wanted the slip joint on the front d-shaft to be a far out as possible without coming apart at full droop allowing lots of travel as the suspension compresses. Don't want to break a transfercase with a driveshaft bottoming out. I solved this problem by taking a shorter drivehaft, bolting it up and actually measuring how much to lengthen. I mark "add 1.375" or whatever right on the tube so there is no quetion about exactly what I want. I get the length I need with the slip joint travel right where I want it. Now balancing, that's a different dillema. I always seem to have to get them to rebalance. Maybe I should switch shops!

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