Factory electric winch vs Warn

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Jul 3, 2005
Bay Area
Has anyone ever compared the two? whats a factory winch rating/comparable to -a warn8k , 9k etc? Has anyone ever pulled a factory electeic one apart for rebuild/service that can compare the two? or compared Line speed, durability/guts of planetary etc?

and did Toyota get these from a JDM supplier or design these and produce themselves.?
I'm curious too. Are the factory winches considered to be of a quality comparable to Warn? I know that there's one for sale near me for cheap...
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I'm the happy owner of Toyota electric winch and I can tell it's hell of a winch .. ( meant to be in a land Cruiser ) easily ( and what I've seen through the years ) sub rated on the pulling capacity .. all of them are rated 8K ..

not to mention the overheat feature on the remote .. and you gotta know that was in there decades ago before any of the modern winches have that capability ..
They are made by Aisin, and the line speed is very good in my limited experience (fastest of 3 winches used on a wheeling trip a few years back).

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