driver's seat rail alignment on bracket extension

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Aug 9, 2012
Western MA
I recently purchased a seat extension kit for my 6/77 FJ40, hoping to get a touch more leg room.

After a couple hours of messing around trying to install the seat on the new (and well made) extensions, I'm at a loss for why things don't line up. Stock seats that we recovered by the PO, what I believe to be original hardware, and the replacement of the OE brackets with extensions seems straightforward.

The sliding brackets on the seat seem like they're not square, or out of alignment. Anybody else experience this ever?

After trying to bring things into alignment with tie-down straps, etc., I'm thinking I may pull the hardware off of the seat, install that, and then bolt the seat itself back in.

Hoping somebody has some feedback or thoughts, and thanks!
It's common that you can get the track out of alignment when you removed the seat. Try moving the lever and moving the inboard track to line up. You may have to bolt up one side, them pull the lever and then the other side.

Do you have the front and rear pedestals installed correctly? Pics for reference.

Can you post pics of what you think is not factory?


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Hi Shane -

Thanks for the photos and feedback. I came across one of you earlier posts, and have installed the brackets in the correct orientation. I'll try again tomorrow, starting with bolting the inboard side first and offsetting the rails a bit. I tried that a bit today, and it seemed like the whole system was getting racked a bit, which caused me to wonder if the PO's recovering job had resulted in some bent hardware.

As far as I can tell, with using the forum and some online catalogs, everything is stock and OEM still.

For those who've pulled seats out in the past, should the rails of the seat (those that bolt to the brackets in the tub) sit flat on a level bench, and be relatively square front to back?

Thanks all!
Also, anybody have a favorite grease they recommend for those seat rails? And should I be able to slide them individually by hand relatively easily?
White "lithium" grease.

Never Seeze would also do the trick.

Mine are smooth as silk after a spray of Lithium grease. Spray is messy, and doesn't last as long because of the solvent they use to make it a liquid... But it's easy.
So, I started with mounting the inboard side first, ad then the other side. Still can't get everything to line up squarely, and can't get the driver's side rear bolt into the bracket.

Thinking of pulling the brackets off the seat, installing them, then putting the seat back into the brackets, but would love thoughts on how easier solutions!
loosen the bolts as they have large washers (stock) and allow for lots of adjustment. Once the bolts have started, then you can torque to spec

As far as the sliders, the back should be square.

Can you post pics of the rest of the kit.

Below are some pics of the extension kit installed. The new brackets install nicely to the factory holes, no problems there.

I mocked up two pieces of wood to match the individual seat rails, and both of those line up, separately, to the holes in the brackets, leaving plenty of room for the large washer to catch the rails and tighten down nicely.

When installing the seat on the brackets, I have left all bolts loose, even those in the front inboard piece that has additional adjustability. Even with that play left in the set up, I'm still pretty far off from being able to get those last holes to line up.

So, that's why I'm thinking that the seat itself is causing some trouble, perhaps from a bad install after recovering by the PO. I guess I can start by pulling those off, lubing them up so they slide more freely, installing them to the new extensions, and then trying to get the seat back in...
Subscribed, because I installed my extension brackets yesterday, and ran into a little bit of this alignment issue, too. It was late in the day and getting dark and frustration factor was increasing so I left it alone, planing to attack it again after work, today....

The extension brackets are super OE-factory quality; the problem is a grumpy seat that's had a big-azz sitting in it for 40 years!

I think just a quick clean up and lube of the rails should do it, along with AATLAS' suggestion for alignment.
Spike Strip, let me know how it goes! I'm hoping to get some work done on mine tonight, so I'll report back, too.

I'm assuming that the seat rails should move the full range of the ~7 adjustment holes on the bottom of the slides?
Seats are in, and the new brackets make a great difference!

Thanks for the help and suggestions from those who've clearly done a few more installs than I have.
Excellent! I haven't gotten to mine yet... How'd you deal with the seat alignment?
Hit the rails with some PB Blaster yesterday, let it sit, and then freed them up with a dead blow mallet. I had no idea the seat had as much travel along the rails (when working right) as it does now, so with the new brackets, it's a great fit.

Freeing the rails, like Shane suggested, allowed me to mount the seat up without much trouble. I did have to coax the last corner (outboard rear) with a tie-down strap to get things lined up, but the seat's installed and is all tightened down, working well.

Now, I just have to find some 1.75" spacers to bring the rear of my Tuffy console up a bit, and make up a similarly sized piece of sheet metal for the front mount, as some of the seat hardware bumps the Tuffy now. I've only found one other post about that: anybody else run into that issue?
If your hitting with the tuffy then everyone will. That didn't come info play as I was after OE look.

Shoot me some pics when you're finished outside so I can see what you're dealing with. I might look at designing a solution.

Until then use bar stock and cut to length to adjust height if I'm understanding correctly.
Will do, Shane. The mounts look fantastic, and I'll shoot some photos as I work through a solution to mount my console: I'm sure you've got some more eloquent designs and ideas than I do! May be a week or so before I can to it.

The PO of my truck used (8) flat washers stacked on each of the OEM seat brackets to get the extra height.... LOL. I'm installing my seat relocation kit now. I will white lithium everything, check and adjust the sliders before bolting in. I'm on an Aqualu tub, and the PO might not have put the old bolt holes quite as factory as they should have been. I'll be placing the seat and checking everything - i think i will have to re-drill two of the mount locations.
So, my seat bracket extension / relocation kit install was into a '74 with an Aqualu tub. Pretty straight forward. I also installed cork gaskets on all of my seat mounts- that plus the LineX made for most bolts being too short. I've spent too much time in the hardware isle....

Here are the pics of my install: seat bracket extension, had to make slight change to the mounts here:
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1417219469.849166.jpg

Rear bracket just did fit... Used it to set front seat locations
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1417219514.595194.jpg

ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1417219716.811197.jpg

I had to re-drill the inside bracket locations, original was no where close.
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1417219791.245928.jpg

Looking forward to stretching out on my next ride.
So, my seat bracket extension / relocation kit install was into a '74 with an Aqualu tub. Pretty straight forward. I also installed cork gaskets on all of my seat mounts- that plus the LineX made for most bolts being too short.

Looks great Erik!

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