For Sale Double sided turn signals EBAY...Not Mine.

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Mar 26, 2017
Greenville, SC
United States

The base looks wrong on these to me and the price isn't exactly cheap but they are double sided and I know that's rare.

These are not mine btw. Just found them looking around and figured someone may want to take a gander.
After some more research, it looks like they are FJ45LV turn signals

Thanks Young Krondor. There is only one offered, and I believe they are @Kourosh's. I made on offer based on what it was worth avoiding making one like Jack did.
I got all excited at first too when i saw this last night but only a single, the first picture threw me. Still an amazing find I haven’t seen the LV ones before other than in old Toyota photos. So cool the NOS stuff that pops up around the world. Wouldn’t have been correct for my 66 LV but may be the only NOS one any of us will ever see.
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yeah what‘s up with that first pic? I guess the small lights on the fender can only be seen from the front, so add some tall two way lights so they can be seen from the rear when it showed up at the dock and the inspector said “nope, can’t see the signals from the rear. Next.”
Paul is correct--listing NOT for 40 series with those pedestals and screwed-in lenses. Interesting artifact nonetheless; a pair would be needed for most collectors though.

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