Ditching the gutter molding, any negative?

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Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Mar 29, 2003
I am sick of fishing pine needles, cedar tree drop, etc - out of the pinchdown in the gutter 2/3 up the windshield.

Does that stupid gutter molding serve a real purpose?

I'd like to hear if those who pulled it found it was serving some aerodynamic (hahahaha) -or other reason, maybe wind noise w/ windows down (total guess)?

I want it gone, but not if it does serve any real purpose.
Yanked it over a decade ago. The only issue is the whining from purists.
I took it off. The edge on the gutteris not finished smoothly, and paint finish will be a bit shabby.
It looks a little agricultural up close
Yanked it over a decade ago. The only issue is the whining from purists.

Good enough. Mine is getting yarded 1st thing in the AM.

Thanks for the affirm, had searched & saw people say it was trim, but no "after the fact" people confirming it was nothing more.

Post a pic when your done I would like to see it, been considering doing the same thing just not sure how it would look?

I yanked mine off and did some semi flat black rustoleum on there!

Ignore the over spray. I cleaned it up. You can see a bit in the second pic where I scratched the paint. Little rattle can action and it is fixed.
I'll use a paint brush no overspray. Looks good enough for me. Thx
There's a little notch that might drip above the rear door. You may notice that it lines up with the window trim directly below so any drips have a clear path that avoids glass.
When I pulled mine, I waxed it with several coats. I didn't paint.
I think I started at the front and worked my way back. Break the lower part loose first.
On my 92 I lost one on a tree limb on a trail back in 96 or 97. The other one blew off on the highway a year or so ago.

I yanked mine on my 93 right after it blew off my 92. I had forgotten about it.
@blkprj80 -good to know, I was thinking of starting rear & moving forward - rip like a band-aid for therapy (I've really grown to hate it).

I'll use your way, and will be happy when it's gone.

I never liked it being sandwiched inbetween my gutter-mount rack feet, so win-win.
I was missing the one on the right side when I bought my truck, I just didn't know it.

I went through a car wash and the one on the DS started coming off. Once I realized what it was and that the other side was already missing, I tore it off the rest of the way and threw it away.

My sunroof makes more noise than the removal of those trim pieces.
My gutter moulding has been rubbed off a few times by those pesky firs and pines but it always pops right back on. I don't worry about cleaning the gutters though, my cruiser almost never gets washed...just pressure washed every once in a while. It's a trail/hunting/camping rig for me so it doesn't need to be purdy.
Mine popped right off. Ditched it before installing the Prinsu Rack.

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