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Feb 10, 2002
Canton, Mississippi
OK, time enough has passed to fix your pile since the Roundup, so I am asking everyone to DRIVE THEIR CRUISER to the Cherokee next week.

With this being the fist meeting since Daylight Savings, we can all eat and head out to the parking lot to giggle, poot and tell lies.

Park on the I-55 side of the restaurant and into the Chiropractor's lot. That way we can all be in the same spot.

If you have friends that have been thinking about coming to the meeting, this is a great time of year to invite them and the "hanging in the parking lot" looking at Cruisers is great for getting folks interested in the Club.

I know that the Lone Star meetings were GREAT because we all made an effort to bring our rigs out. Otherwise, it is just a dinner with friends and if you are new, this is a great icebreaker.
What day is it? Being so far South it's hard to attend the meetings but I can do my best to try and make it.
Might have to bust off the ole purdy truck!
I am planning on being there in my hunerd.

Too bad I am not getting the new tires untill the next day.
Just tell Chris you'll be there. He's got enough room in the 'cursion to bring the new tires, a tire changer, a balancer, and have a place to change them.......go ahead and call, he won't mind.......he does this for his customers all the time!
Guess I should have gotten off my ass and ordered the caster shims a week earlier.
Some of yall bankers and lawyers ought to get there early and rope off a section for us.
How else would I be able to show off the new shoes.
nolen where did you get that quote from me saying " i like my big ugly pick-em -up -truck"?
nolen where did you get that quote from me saying " i like my big ugly pick-em -up -truck"?

I know I've said it. Hell, I don't think I've driven a Cruiser to a meeting since the mid '70's.
Just remembered it's my Daughters B-day on Tuesday. Might not make it. Depends on what "Mama" has planned.
I'll be there till about 7:20. First baseball game starts at 7:30. If the weather cooperates, I'll be in the GunRunner.
Hey Nolan, does the guy who bought your cruiser know about the meetings? Thomas Rhoden, I think is his name.
Guys I don't think I am going to make this meeting...unless I can talk Mike into driving back tomorrow night.


- Mark

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