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Aug 16, 2005
El Dorado County CA
I have a newly installed Eldelbroc 650 cfm carb. The vehicle starts, idles and accelerates perfect, on the highway or in town. I live at 1400 feet and wheel from 6000 to 9000. When on a slight uphill climb in low range the carb wants to load up and flood. When I run at severe angles it does the same thing. I have asked several mechanics what to do. One said it was my jetting, one said i needed to adjust my float. I want to do what is the correct thing and ask for advise from you guys on the board.

Thank you in advance.


Jul 26, 2004
Las Vegas
edelbrock carb

It seems Edelbrocks don't do well w/ bouncing, as the gas just gushes in unabated, especially with high fuel pressure. On my patrol (stock rochester) and scout (stock holley), I just lowered the fuel pressure to 2.5-3.0 lbs w/ regulater--just go as low as you can go. You need volume and not pressure. You will have to experiment here. Also, it doesn't hurt to lower the float just a little, so the bowl is not as full. This worked good on my international. I have not had problems w/ the aisin, so I have not experienced this in a cruiser. I do own an edelbrock also and might experiment soon.

Edelbrock seems to provide a fix for this known problem, although I have not tried it. I might try this in the future though. See the link below- Based on my carb issues in the past, this just might work.
Aug 27, 2005
You need the off-road spring loaded needle and seet kit. This will drastically help your problem, also take both sides of the top of the float bowl off and cut a piece of fuel line and place in the rear channel on both sides of the carb. The piece needs to be about 1" long, snd should fit snugly in the grooved channel, not hindering the closing of the top of the float lid (you dont want fuel to leak out). This will help fuel from sloshing into the main barrels of the carb when you are at an angle. You can also adjust your float level down a tad which helps. I did these mods to my Edelbrock and it ran great off-road after these were done. I could not get it to flood out at any angle. The needle and seet kit is available at any performance shop (ie: jeggs, summit racing, tognottis etc...)

Clear as mud?


P.S. Buying a Q-jet would probably resolve everything.... out of the box they work well off-road.

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