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Feb 9, 2008
Northern CA
I have a 94 Land Cruiser with about 198k miles and as of yesterday, CEL light. According my FSM, take it to a local Toyota dealer, which is my second option since it will cost me some $. What's the best way to deal with the CEL icon?
A) Buy a scanning device to find out the CEL code? What's the scanning device for the money out there and where I can get it?
B) Take it to a local auto store for a free CEL code reading. Does anybody know which auto store still offer a free CEL reading in Rocklin, CA?

Scangauge won't work on a 1994 - OBDII started in 1995.
You can do it yourself with a paperclip.
Reset it by unhooking the battery terminals and don't buy gas at the last place you stopped.
Reset it by unhooking the battery terminals and don't buy gas at the last place you stopped.


Find an auto parts store or oil change place who will scan it for free. I have read about the paper clip but have scan guage and a 95 so no need. Search and you will find details.
It's a procedure that has worked well for me on countless vehicles. The 94 showed the cel and it came back O2 sensors as faulty on a scan. Cleared it using the aforementioned procedure, added different gas, and nothing. It has (the cel) been off since.

I'm just trying to help people not spend money over something that could be a free fix, or as close to it as possible.
I don't recommend TX Cruiser's method until you at least find out what the code is. I have an OBDII vehicle so I'm, not familiar with which terminals on the diagnostic connector to jumper, but check the FAQ or search on "pulling codes OBD I" and you should find out the correct information. The CEL will flash a series of times to tell you the code number.

Good luck.
I have a 93 had the CEL coming on and off intermintently I replaced both the O2 sensors and had not had a problem since, discconnect the battery cables for a few minutes and the CEL should go away and see if it will throw the code again. 93 and 94 are both OBD I.
The OBDII 95 will run like crap for awhile after you use the method I have suggested, I can acknowledge that. It's a legitimate concern for a high idle, and a mis-fire until the computer settles in, but not with the 94 in my experience. Pick your poison.

All I'm trying to convey is that s*** gas will cause it to come on.
Chitown40 is right. You need to find out what the code is before you reset it like txcruiser is suggesting. Being a '94, it's an OBD1 which the code is pulled jumpering 2 pins and counting the blinks of a light on the dash. You can read the procedure and print it out for yourself here: Trouble Codes OBD & OBD2 Trouble Codes and Technical info & Tool Store. By BAT Auto Technical
Also for your info, when you disco the battery or pull the EFI fuse to reset the CEL, be prepared to experience low idling rpms until the ECU gets through it's relearning mode. This requires several starts, sometimes as many as 8 - 10, depending on how long the engine has run during each time it's started. Ask me how I know. One last thing, your decal under the hood will verify OBD1 or OBDII.
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Jumper TE1 & E1 on the diagnostic connector. Put key in on position. Count the flashes. There may be more than 1 code.
Here's the code from the MIL light from my baby...


Areas to check, per 1994 LC FSM:
Heated oxygen sensor circuit
Heated oxygen sensor

For those of you with 94 LCs who's been there, done that, any advice?

It's an O2 sensor. Reset the light (disconnect the battery), and see if it comes back. If the light doesn't come back on, then don't worry about it.

Just finished resetting the MIL by unplugging the battery. Started it up and no MIL but now, it's idling around 400rpm making the coolant reservoir bottle shakes. Do I have to clear the code for it to idle normally around 600rpm?
No, it's relearning. Next time leave the battery cable alone and pull the EFI fuse.
Should I pull the EFI fuse now? If no, how long will it take for it to relearn to a point where idle is at normal 600rpm? Thanks.
A few separate trips around the block should do.

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