For Sale Central TX - 1984 FJ60 $14,000

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  1. 60 Series
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1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 - Rebuilt

Wanting $14,000. Sitting at 292,000 miles. Bought at roughly 284,000 miles, then rebuilt engine. Has been my daily driver since rebuilding for about 6 months, and has been on one off-roading trip. Was hoping to do a little more aesthetic work to this awesome rig, but my wife is not in favor of keeping it any longer. With gas prices rising as they are, and our family growing, she isn't a fan of the MPG or the lack of modern safety features. So sad to watch my dream truck leave so soon, but I'd rather keep my wife. More specific pics and info to serious inquiries only. Located in central Texas.

  • New carpet on floors
  • Sound insulation on floors
  • New driver and front passenger seat belts
  • New headlights
  • New front marker lights and rear license plate light
  • OME ~2.5in lift
  • OME suspension upgrade
  • De-smogged, with new exhaust
  • Gas tank vatted and cleaned, with new fuel sending unit
  • New electric fuel pump
  • New clutch, plates, and throw-out bearing
  • New Hankook Dynapro All Terrain tires
  • New front brakes and bearings
  • New steering stabilizer
Under the hood:
  • Engine block removed to get honed, vatted, and completely rebuilt motor
  • New aftermarket header, wrapped in heat shield
  • Redline 38 DGAS Webber carburetor
  • New electronic ignition: Performance DUI Distributor
  • New LiveWire spark plug wires
  • New oil cooler
  • New power-steering pump and cooler
  • Radiator vatted and cleaned
  • New AC condenser, receiver dryer, and hoses (AC compressor is R134a compatible)
  • Fuel pressure regulator added
  • New charcoal canister
  • New headlight washer reservoir
  • New windshield wiper reservoir
**Some original parts available upon request**

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