For Sale Campteq Pop Top

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United States
Nearly brand new Campteq 80 series pop top, only slept in for 2 nights. Not painted, additional side zipper window to allow access from a ladder on the driver side of vehicle. Includes a mattress from Ikea. $5000.00 not including shipping located in West TX USA.

Very Interested. Put me first in line and I will work on getting money together this week. Where are you located specifically? I could pick it up towards the end of next week.
I am in El Paso.

1. yotakrawler
2. NLXTACY --- ??? it's obtainium right now...
3. NM Frontier
5. yjeff
6. icgeek
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5th please, but I doubt it will make it this far.
It's not that I don't like it I have never used it. I came by it on a trade. I actually use a CDN101 trailer with tent when camping.

Gotta ask, why didnt you like it?
Supply and demand....
What's the status - did someone nab or is the line moving? :)
#1 is on the way to check it out tomorrow. I will update if it is sold.
That is really kind of you to be so patient to wait for 1rst in line buyer to come 3 days after ad was posted. I guess that's what happens when you live in El Paso :)
Congrats yotakrawler. Sorry gents, it is once again 'Unobtainium.'
congrats to both. First in line wins again.
I know it'll sell, and I'm glad there are customers for this sort of thing... so my comment moot but... $5000? Really!?!??!? It looks REALLY nice but.... wow!

After spending over 100 nites in one I would consider the price a value;)

Looking like a good investment to me

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