For Sale California 1989 FJ62

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
United States
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Offering up for sale my FJ62 with 161k miles
2 sets of wheels (originals with 33s and Mickey Thompson with 35s)
OME lift ManAfre reverse shackle 4"
ARB front bar
Roof rack
New Radiator and AC condenser.
Runs and drives amazing.
Interior is impeccable.
See video
Will be posting on BaT soon...
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Couple of questions:
- Where in California is the vehicle located? Id love to take a look at this in person. Im out of the bay area.
- Any chance you could provide pictures of the backseat and the rear cargo area without the seat folded down and the bike loaded?

Thank you
The FJ62 is in Mission Viejo CA. Come one down anytime.
I can get more pictures soon. Back seat is in excellent condition.
Upholstery in perfect condition..
Rear cargo is clean, carpet and all.
Removed it this summer to clean, powerwash with detergent.
Even changed out old screws underneath for new stainless steel ones.

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