Cado II Ideas...

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Feb 7, 2002
Woodstock, GA
So I am toying with an idea...

FJ40 body, modified and tubed for the most part, extended wheelbase to 100". (essentially running the 40 front bib only)

2 rows of seats with full cage

3 link front, 4 link rear

Fox shocks all around

FJ80 FF axles F&R w/ ARB lockers and 5.29s all around.

Longfields and Poly performance axle upgrades

Custom high strength, long travel driveshafts

Turbodiesel :) w/ diesel/grease hybrid fuel system

Auto tranny w/ a crawler box

39.5" Iroks or 40" Maxxis Trepadors

Full hydro steering

1 trailer to haul it behind the 100 series I haven't bought yet! :D

Oh yeah...rhino-line the whole thing, tubes, body,, just like the big brother.


If things work will start to happen. If I can get it done we can run competitions in it!
I just want something I can trailer in and not worry about rolling and generally attempt a lot more than I am comfortable doing in the 80. I want the 80 to be a camping/hard wheeling/kiddie fun truck, and I think I have that. I still want a hardcore rig for the biggest trails and even a competition...that looked fun.
Did you hit the lottery Dan? Cause unless you have like a 40 a diesel an 80 and a tube bender sitting in your garage that your not telling us about thats one heck of a tall order. Good luck to you I call shotty in it when its done.
All things in time. I will buy the bender, learn to weld properly (or sub it out with beer), and everything will come together. No worries! :)
Madness I tell you... it's madness!

Can't wait to see this buildup :D
I personally can't wait to be standing next to the trail and instead of all the gas/diesel fumes, smell the lovely aroma of french fries;p

Sounds like an awesome buildup, but I have one question. Can I come over and get a clipping off the money tree you have in the backyard??:flipoff2:
All things in time. I will buy the bender, learn to weld properly (or sub it out with beer), and everything will come together. No worries! :)

I'll weld whatever you want in exchange for use of the bender or for beer.
Step one is to see how the next few weeks pan out...then get a 100.

The rest will be a slooooow process of finidng the bits and pieces over time.
What Turbodiesel are you going to run?

Sounds like a cool project. I've got a number of Misc '40 parts that aren't resto quality but would work great for what you're going to do. Rather than tubing out a '40, why not just start from a tube chassis and skin it with a 40 hood, bib, etc?

Can't wait to see the build.
One advantage of tubing an existing 40 is that I can get it registered and get a plate...which means I can get to some trails without towing right up to the trailhead (handy at Tellico and other national park places). I may also end up with a bobbed 80 frame since I can get the axles, etc from a junker and knock out a few birds with one stone. Would also help with the engine options since it would fit a lot more engines.
I like your attitude. On like Kong.
You can learn to weld like a pro, it's not rocket surgery. The rest is doable too and there are used heavy tools available everywhere.
While you're at it build the trailer first, good practice and get just what you want, which is this: a work station on the front with a welder and cutting bottles~voila!~mobile repair shop. Have your own field fix unit and make a fortune off all the rednecks with more money than brains, especially at the comps. You'd be astonished at what people will pay for field repairs just to get going again. I've seen it at bike rallies and bike weeks.
You go guy!

I'm not sure I understand the 100 though. What happens to Cado? He'll die from neglect! Why not pull all this with him? Might need a supercharger but that's fun too. And I'd guess cheaper than a decent 100.
Hmmm. Perhaps we find a welding class. I've got the itch to learn myself. I like the idea of building my own off road trailer. I can't justify $5K for these plastic tub models I've seen.
The 100 will replace the company car I may lose in the next few weeks. If I don't lose the company car in the next few weeks I will lose it for sure in October. Either way, I need a DD that is more friendly than the Avocado.

The 80 will serve its duty as the camping rig, Cullowhee rig, weekend romp rig, etc. I plan on running the Cado II setup at the events and competitions, towing into the private parks, etc.

I am game to take a welding class. I am shopping around right now for a buggy that is already built. I got the Cado I for cheap that way, and it would be a VERY short build if I could get one ready to go.
O I C. I'd forgotten about the 'losing the company car' news.

A welding class wouldn't hurt, the tech schools are full of them. I have a text I'll lend you if you're into book study. The rest is practice practice practice. I'm sure the club will be glad to find projects to help you hone your skills heh heh.
I bet :)

I will be shopping for some welding setups to assist in classes I might take.

Good news is I have a monster feed from the street so I could hook up a 3-phase welder if I wanted to ;)
Hey you don't need no stinkin weldin class....point, touch, pull trigger, and watch it weld away....if I can do it anyone can!

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