For Sale Beautiful BJ60 diesel with USA title, LHD, 5-speed

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United States
Hello fellas, I love this forum although i never post a thing. I'm not even sure this is the right section so please correct me if needed.

I own a 1983 Canadian BJ-60 which I bought& imported about 4-5 years ago. I need to sell it to pay some debt, quickly, but I can't find anyone who genuinely wants a diesel 60. Whet the heck? It also has the awesome 5-speed factory trans & everything works top notch. No A/C, it'sthe 3B engine so not a lot of power to spare. I can go 75-80 on a flat road, less on an incline. Average of 22mpg.

The body looks good from a distance & has a fairly new paint job. The body & frame were rusted in Canada. The frame I just decided to discard & replace with a perfect fj60 frame in California. No rust on it at all. Body rust is patched up & painted but will bubble through eventually.

I have her on eBay: item # 322161272382 in case you're curious. Some pics are there & if you truly are serious about this car, this week, I can send you more pics. I'll take a good offer from an enthusiast over a great offer from a novice so please text me or email if you have questions. 720.725.6505 or jbjorlie at gmail. Thank you!

Asking $10,850 obo.


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