Back in the 40 business 1964 FST

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Jan 12, 2007
Houston, TEXAS
Picked it up last Monday. It is a running, driving, stopping, and shifting 1964 factory soft top. This is my oldest yet (first 1F and first column shift 3 spd).
It was a project that the original owner had one to many of. He was going to put my $3K into his Airstream project. The bodywork is amateur but close to my abilities and in some sort of primer.

Plans are for collecting misc. missing pieces (thanks to all who have contributed so far), new tires and paint. Then :steer: and :steer: and :steer:. Bonuses are 4 stock steelies, original Aisan carb, and one piece tail gate, and FST doors with plexi. :crybaby: no soft top bows though.

Anyway here are the pics.
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Looks good... That is a large heater... Did he say what it came from?

Good that you got the doors at least ... Real steel was making bows last I looked... Sor now has black vinyl

Other places for canvas will be popping up at some point
No idea on the heater. It isn't the "clamshell" one? Anyway being a South Texas Cruiser it will probably find it's way o the parts bin or maybe a small restore project if it is something of worth. Would love to find some reasonable bows if not the whole smash (top, door skins and bows).

This is the smoothest running 40 I have ever had - it's intoxicating. Now if my shifting could be as smooth. I am already contemplating a floor shift relocation. Correct me if I am wrong but could it be as easy as "cut a hole - stick a shifter in it and voila! Same internals I believe.

Any thoughts?
No... Not the clamshell one

Pm southbostonfj ... He has some comming in as well... But... I don't think he's bringing in extra... Maybe the next time if he does another soon

There is the cool factor to having a column shift... And it's better if you actually use the bench for 3 people
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You will get use to the three on the tree, trust me. And as some have mentioned a good theft deterrent since its old school ;) Nice cruiser!
Getting much more proficient at the shifting. Thanks for the comments and I will update with pics of painting next month.
diggin your 40...i'm working on a similar project, 65, column, 4wheel lever on the dash (vacuum operation, don't know if that's specific to the lever/fd knob situation, as you could get a mech. 4x actuation those years as well). man, leave that column shift, if not for the resale, than because it's cool, it's different, it's rare(r), and when else are you going to get to drive a column shift? not in that grand am scion or trike, i bet ;) my first exp. with the column was when i first drove this 65, and with the exception of down's to first, i might be able to shift it quicker than my 5spd minitruck....maybe i'm just slowing down my mindset while in that beast....anyway, i hope that you have a lot of fun with the build, looks like she needs a bit, but these old yota's are so simple, it's hard not to smile with every new step you take
besta luck

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