Arb bumper mod

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Mar 2, 2014
I have the opportunity to buy a arb bumper super cheap. The only thing is the bumper is for a 1988 to 1998 full size Chevy pickup. Is it worth modding to fit or will it look too weird?
Find a good fabricator and you can do what you want. But it might turn out to be cheaper (or easier) to buy one that is a direct fit.

My $0.02
I would start from scratch rather than try to make something from a completely different size and shape vehicle fit.
Don't do it. I thought I could mod a bumper designed for a Land a Rover. It was relatively inexpensive, but it was a Chinese ARB copy. It actually fit the frame
rails quite nicely, but the curvature was off around the ends. I'm now in the process of modding an ARB that a buddy gave me, but even that is still a lot of work.

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