land cruiser 80

  1. hussein ahmed

    HELP! lack power hard acceleration

    hi, to all 80 series I have a 1995 land cruiser diesel with a 1hdft odo around 150km did all fluid changes replaced the acsd, cleaned the intake manifold , unplugged the EGR switch cable the truck runs find buy after i press the pedal hard the whole truck struggles for power and as soon as you...
  2. 5

    SOLD  PRICE REDUCED: 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 Black ($13,000)

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 (Black) 226,629 Miles (as of this post) **$16,000 OBO **SEE CRAIGSLIST LINK FOR 20+ PHOTOS (only lets me put 5 photos here): 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 (Black) - cars & trucks - by owner -... -...
  3. Choo Magoo

    Wanted  1991 LHD fj80 clutch pedal assembly

    Hello all, In the process on getting my om606 swap finished up and I'm in need of a clutch pedal assembly for a LHD 1991 FJ80. Please Pm if you have one
  4. CatskillsRunner

    Builds  Wilson's FJ80

    I bought my UZJ100 in 2015. While I think the 80 is a much better looking truck, the towing capacity and side curtain airbags sold me on the 100. I really love the 100--I wheel it, tow with it, take it on vacation, drive it across the country at least once a year. Rolling up to 250k and 140k...
  5. truthdetector

    Body lifted off the frame

    First post, folks and I'd like to share the first major milestone of my 97 LC restoration project. Bought this beauty at an online auction. The auction pics showed the engine running and it was classified as "run and drive", so I took a chance and flew to Indianapolis on a one-way ticket with...
  6. B

    Does anyone believe this rust is worth repairing?

    Hey all, I just recently got a 1996 lx450 to turn into an overland project, not sure if this is the right place to post something like this since I’m new to forums so I apologize if it’s out of place, the model I picked up does have a couple rust holes near the windshield, and I’d really hate to...
  7. huevosrachelos

    97 land cruiser with rust

    so long story short... I inherited my dads prized possession, his ‘97 Land Cruiser with about 213k miles on it. It sat for over a year (I know huge mistake) and I have now replaced the battery and changed the oil and filter. I am not super knowledgeable about cars but I did own a 2000 4Runner...
  8. dukes82

    land cruiser 80 offroad performance video

    i m posting a video of my cruiser 80 while offroading and would like all fellows to share urs as well love to see this old beast performing
  9. African Hunter

    Colour Help

    Good day everyone. I just rebuild my cruiser made a conversion of 75/80 series pick up truck. Need to repaint it but need advice on the following. 1. Would like to repaint it in Matter colour, which one is the best matte colour between the following. 4E9 Sandy Taupe or RAAL 1001 or Quick Sand...
  10. Nikofzj80

    Factory Tint

    Hi fellow Muders! I searched a lot, but I don't seem to have found the answers to my dilema. I hate factory tint. Would love to remove it. From what I read, the tint on the back window (trunk) can be removed using certain products. I just ordered a set of fixed back windows ( third row seats, no...
  11. Stevenmjones144

    For Sale  Santa Barbara, CA: 1991 FJ80 Landcruiser

    Rock Solid 1991 Land Cruiser FJ80, $8,900 obo *Price Reduced!!* World class 4x4. Running flawlessly. Recent engine work by Cory Motors includes: New head gasket, Valve job, New Radiator, New Injector wiring harness, New ECU, New brakes, New Alternator, New Battery and more. 3FE Straight 6...
  12. cruisernewser

    Advice Help on FJ80 Engine Issues!

    Hello all, Ive been following this site for years and finally needed to register and post my own issue. I have a 92 fj80 3FE 170k and have not been able to drive it since I purchased a month 1/2 ago it had been sitting for 1yr. It drove alright when I bought it would not accelerate normally...
  13. C

    Diffrences in 80 series

    Hey everybody, Upon searching this and other Forums, Google etc. for hours i still couldnt find any clear Infos on what are the diffrences in 80 series Land Cruisers (Years, engine, Transmission ....) so i searched for brochures and only found dead links. So my Question, is there anywhere were...
  14. Floki

    Supercharged 80 Series Idling problem

    Hey guys trying to figure out what's going on with the engine here. Just a little backstory the Cruiser was recently purchased and has had a small coolant leak and oil leak. Nothing too major. I know the engine is going to need work and, plan to rebuild anyway, but I'm curious if anybody has run...
  15. S

    Wanted  80 series land cruiser damage multiplier brush guard

    If anyone has a "damage multiplier" brush guard for an 80 series land cruiser for sale, or knows a website where I can purchase one please let me know. Can't seem to find them anywhere.
  16. timbolee73

    For Sale  1997 40th Anniversary Series 80 Land Cruiser

    Hi all - I'm looking to sell my 40th anniversary 1997 Land Cruiser. Figured I'd start here before posting it locally. I'm in West Chester PA. I needed something a little newer for increased regional travel. I would like to get $12K for it. If I cannot sell, it'll become an additional car for the...
  17. A

    Oil leak for 1hz Exhaust Gasket.

    Hi All, I have found oil leaking from my 1hz's exhaust gasket (or so it seems) at the 1st and 6th exhaust outlets (see photos attached). I Initial thought it was the head gasket leaking or the valve cover gasket, but the more I look at it the more it appears to be coming from the exhaust...
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    25% Off 80 Series Nitro Gas Kits- Plus Free Shipping

    You read correctly, save $200 when you use code: FZJ80NITRO at checkout.
  19. Ironman 4x4 USA

    Vendor  Wilsonville, OR: 80 Series 4" Lift Kits back in stock! FREE SHIPPING

    80 Series 4" lift kits are back in stock and ready to get under your rig! The Foam Cell Pro shocks are absolute tree trucks at nearly 3" in diameter and hold a TON of oil. Take a...
  20. Ironman 4x4 USA

    Vendor  Wilsonville, OR: 80 Series 6" Lift Kits back in stock! FREE SHIPPING

    Toyota 80 Series 6" Foam Cell Pro lift kits are back in stock! This kit includes everything you need to lift your rig. Foam Cell Pro shocks are beefy, nearly 3" in diameter and hold a ton of oil. Take a...
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