80 or 100 series

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Aug 28, 2013
Hi all,

New to the forums, I'm looking for a landcruiser to drive around Australia, this will be a dedicated 4x4 for off-road & camping. I'm not too precious about looks but it needs to be capable off road, I don't care what it's like driving around town, but we will be doing long trips

It will be a Diesel Manual
I do all my own mechanical work
It has to be reliable
Parts will need to be readily available

Kids are on the horizon so we might be travelling with small kids
We'll probably end up towing an off road camper

I'm deciding between getting the cheaper 80 series and spending money on any mods and work it needs or getting the more expensive 100 series and keeping it pretty much stock.

I'm getting the impression the 100 series is more comfortable and they generally have less mileage

With the 80 series I imagine I'll get a more capable off-roader, but will I be sacrificing reliabilit going with an older vehicle? Will comfort be a problem with small kids?

What would you guys recommend? I'm leaning towards the 80 series
Where do you live Havent seen a diesel 100 or a manual 80 or 100?

Both are capable wheelers, the 80 has a Solid Front axle which is better on rocks

The 100 is a bit more comfy and being newer will have less miles

I would compare engines, but you want a diesel that we are unfamiliar with
ah sorry, didn't realise there were differences in the aus version

Does this help?

The 80 series is HZJ80R
The 100 series is HZJ105R

both are 4.2 litre single cam NA diesel engines
Hdj80 1HDT - 1HDFT
Hdj100 1HDFTE

N/A diesels are pointless.

So...if you want the big turbo diesel, you can only get it in the 100 IFS version and not in the 105 solid front axle in Australia?
Yep, the 105 which is solid axle only comes as a 1HZ in diesel form. The 100 series with the factory TD is IFS only. Which is why 80 series solid axle, and factory TD, and dual lockers is the number 1 4x4.
If you ever want more info on models and accessories etc. look up redbook. And punch in the make, model etc.
a turbo would be nice, but looking at the 80 series prices in melbourne we're talking about the difference between $10k and $18k so it's hard to justify - there are a lot of other things I could spend that $8k on :hmm:
Your priorities are a bit ascew :). Especially if your talking about driving around Australia loaded up.
you might have a point - I am considering towing a trailer with me. It is going to be gutless and I"m not going to break the land speed record or anything

but is the lack of power going to stop me from actually doing anything?
I am in a similar dilema 100 vs. 80 but i am based out of India. The 100 with the HDFTE engine makes 202 HP with 430NM torque as compared to the solid axled 80 with a HDT that makes 168HP and 380NM. Note: IIRC the manual tranny that you want, only came with the 1HZ with makes ~ 130hp but nothing that cannot be remediated by a installing an after market turbo.

Good luck with your decision and let us know what you pick up.

Go for a duel fuel fzj80, cheaper to run than the diesel. more get up and go. cheaper to service, more spare parts around, more people know how to fix petrol engines than diesel ones and mine has 460,00km's on the clock still going strong.
I missed Australia in your fist post. Spent a month in Alice and loved all the cruisers and visiting the Toyota lot.

If I could get a 105, 100 series with a solid axle, I would jump at that.
If you are going "outback" all the cocky's(farmers) will have diesels so parts and knowledge are readily available. The naturally aspirated diesel will get you there but if you like a bit of get up and go a turbo is best. A lot of the vehicles will have modifications already done so you won't have to spend as much on accessories. Good luck cheers Brian

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