75 Series Build - First Car

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Sep 21, 2021
Western Aus
Hey Everybody, picked up a 1999 HZJ75RP about 6 months ago and I've finally got enough spare cash to do some performance upgrades to her.

It started off as a water tanker patrolling a pipeline in the snowy mountains (VIC), so it's got a big modified tray and beefy 1-ton leafs underneath.

It's got 208,000 on the clock, but last owner ran it pretty hard and took it out on salt flats etc. So it's got a bit of surface rust and chassis looks pretty rough.

So far it's got new tires; picked up some Mickey-T Baja ATZ-P3s the other day, and I've grinded the tray back to bare, before respraying with hammertone charcoal and raptor lining the bed/headboard.

I've folded up some checker plate for the mudguards and fitted a dual Battery setup.

It's a bloody good car, really reliable and has gotten me everywhere Ive wanted to go, apart from the odd sand dune. Now I'm looking to do some big upgrades, and I want to do them right.

  • 10-15psi turbo conversion
  • Front mount intercooler
  • 3" Stainless snorkel
  • 2.5/3" exhaust (undecided on this one)
  • Extractors? Don't know how this would go with turbo
  • Front diff locker
  • New leaves in front, eventually a coil conversion
  • Heavy duty clutch
  • Catch can
  • 2 auxillary AGM batteries on DC/DC charger to run fridge/compressor
  • New aluminum tray, either made or bought
  • Scrub bars and bash plates
That's the plan so far, but no doubt once I start more things will start coming up. I've got about a $10,000 budget, and will most likely be able to do everything apart from the tray with that as I will be doing all the installs myself.

The most important part right now is the turbo conversion. I love the old 1hz, never had issue but I just wish it had a bit more go. I'm looking at a GTurbo Grunter as it's got low end boost; I don't rev it too much and most 4wding is either rock crawling or beach trips.

I would love some advice on buying an exhaust, lockers and clutch. I want a really nice sound, and I don't mind spending a bit more if it means I'm going to get a good quality product. I've been looking at 4WDSystems autolockers due to them only being $300 each, but I'm being swayed towards a E/Air-locker. Has anyone tried these products, and can advise on what you would buy?

Really looking forward to this build, I'm posting to get ideas/reccomendations from people with 1HZs or 75s who have done this sort of stuff before.

Let me know if you wanna know anything else about the build, or if you want pictures of it. Planning on doing before and after pics as well as 0-100, fuel economy and rough 4wding tests.
Cheers Everyone,



Nice 75 mate!

As for a front locker, it's hard to go wrong with an ARB air locker. I wouldn't do any other locker up front but a selectable. I've had factory E-lockers, ARB, and aussie lockers and the least troublesome (FOR ME) have been the ARB's.

As for the turbo, there is a ton of information on which turbos and setup to use with a 1HZ. I would definitely get that cooling system in tip top shape. The radiator pulled and tested/rodded out/rebuilt if it's and older one. Make sure waterpump, heat exchanger and all hoses are in good condition. That turbo adds a lot of heat and stress to an engine that wasn't designed to be turbo'd.

I feel an intercooler is a good idea with the 1HZ. Keep that thing as cool as you can.

Exhaust on that, I would go with 3" if you are going to turbo it. If not, 2.5 seems to be plenty. Again, keep this 1HZ cool.

People have had good luck with Terrain Tamer HD clutches it seems, so thats probably a decent option.

Good luck and keep the build going on here.

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