62 FJ40 new to me

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Just bought a collection of older FJ stuff, included in it (and the plum of the lot) is an original 62 FJ40, VIN is FJ4014390. Brought all the parts home yesterday just waiting for my rollback guy to bring the 62 and a parts 67 to my place. The truck is interesting to say the least and by far the oldest land cruiser I've yet owned. Title says 44K original on the odometer and I bought it from the third owner who never licensed it. Has a Krause Motors sticker on the roof- they sold Toyotas in Schecksville PA way back when. This truck looks to be original and unmolested in most every normal way. A tree had fallen on the driver side front corner of the roof while in the hands of the second owner, bent the WS frame and slight disfigured the roof. The guy I bought it from runs a restoration garage and straightened the frame- it just needs some cosmetics to finish and prep for paint. Three on the tree, 4WD works as it should and it has Husky lockout hubs! The front doors are rust free as is the tailgate-both bottom and top. It has the funky fold up upper tailgate (never saw one of these before, either). The jumpseats are there, too and not in bad shape. this thing starts and runs fine, engine sounds great. Needs brake work, some tires, and the windshield addressed and then I am hoping to just drive it, no repaint, nothing like that. It also has the original jack, jack rods, and a really full toolkit in a big canvas wrap- and the fan that cools the driver is also there! No radio. Only rust is the rear sill and very lower part of the rear quarters. Any comments or corrections any of my information are welcome- looking to learn more about the earlier trucks. Gary S in PA
62 front driver.jpg
62 rear passenger.jpg
62 speedometer.jpg
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More pics

Forgot to mention the truck came with a real nice 6 foot plow- the second owner used the truck to plow his driveway and for hunting on his property. I am included some other pics I have of the old girl...... A few questions- could the copper colored wheels be an original color? The paint on them looks to have been applied in a professional manner- they don't really look to have been resprayed from a rattle can. And the Arvin heater- was that a dealer installed option? and the spare tire- does it look to maybe be original? Gary
62 engine.jpg
62 pass interior.jpg
62 top inside.jpg
WOW Gary...that is a freaken sweet find...and kudos to your plan of making it safe while keeping it all stock, and just enjoying her has she is now...and has been since it basically sounds like...1962!!

No, that I know, the rims only came in black, so they must have been painted at some time.

The Heater was a dealer install...and I believe they were all dealer installed until '64 or '65...'65 I know for sure, but I have heard of some '64s having stock heaters...heard.

And yes, if you look at the old ads, those old military tires were on many of them, or Dunlop RK3s.
Very cool!!!

The old round front fender turn signals can still be purchased at Toyota or SOR, but they only have the '63 and newer round turn signals, and they would have been painted body color...the round turn signals for the '62 had a double lens, and are very very hard to find...but they are still out there ;)

The tail lights were the older smaller FJ25 tail lights, and SOR has copies of them to look correct. When you find the correct old windshield frame, or fix the one it came with, please have a part of this '62 scanned (apron) so you can have some paint mixed to match the rest of the '62...not expensive to do at all, and the rig will look awesome once painted!! Oh, and those front fenders and running boards should be body color as well...but white mats on the running boards.

Brake and clutch masters are newer, and can still be purchased, but you need to bring Toyota the 1969 part numbers for these

Do the old front doors have the slider windows and working hardware??

OK...I think I got too excited, I'll stop here. Again, very cool find :beer:
:whoops:Very nice old 40 Gary. From what I can tell from the small pictures on the everything looks stock. Except for the turn signals on the fenders and the rear tail lights. Do the windows in the door have crank to roll them up or s slide mechanism? Heater may a been delae install. Not sure Toyota was selling Arvin heaters to their dealers. If i was around my old literature I would know if the windshield had defrost vents. Guessing it does. The lack of bumper and hold downs on the hood for the windshield and no footman loops on the barn doors is normal. Early hard tops did get them. Looks like you really scored a sweet old cruiser.:cheers:
SICK find Gary. The cruiser gods have blessed you with a fine truck. She is perfect as she sits. Love that original spare! And still has the tool roll! Nice...
40 stuff

Well I put the doors on the 40 and also put the rear hatch on- starting to look like a complete 40! also bolted in the jumpseats- better to have this stuff in/on the truck than cluttering up my garage! Checked the ID plater- it is indeed a 62 and the engine ID number matches the engine number on the ID plate- matching numbers! Hoping to take some progress pictures sometime this week.

Gotta look at the brakes the pedal goes to the floor even though there is fluid in the master. The PO had replaced the clutch master and slave along with the hard line and soft line in that circuit. he also did a complete tune-up with ponts, condenser, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, and fuel filter. Had a fresh oil change too recently.

Have some questions- what color would the wheels have been when new? The tires (all five) have tubes in them- can I use a modern tubeless tire on these 62 vintage rims? What rear bumper configuration would this truck have had? Gary S
Rims, black.

If running accurate Firestone 700X15 military tires, I'd run tubes. More info here;

The rear end had the smaller 25 tail lights, which I mentioned earlier, and you can still them get at SOR...and Bumperettes. Attached is a pic of a '62 FST, but the bumpers are the same for your hard top. Note that the bumperettes and the tail light brackets would have been painted the same color as the body, and the rest is black.

Also, here is a good thread of a very nice '62 for you to read;

BTW...very very cool that it still has the original engine. If you are going to stay stock, and decide to swap the masters back to stock, you can find some "tin cup" masters, and have them rebuilt...this is what I am going to do with mine.
62 FJ40

Thanks for all the comments and information, all is appreciated. Will post a few pictures of the truck with the seats installed, doors and tailgate back in place. I am going Wednesday to look at what apears to be a real nice hardtop- mine was damaged when the tree fell on it and bent the top of the WS frame driver side. If rthis other top is usable as is and I can make a good deal i will buy it. I'm also sending along some pics (barely legible) of new WS seals I got with the truck. Can anyone tell me if windsield glass differs between my 62 FJ40 and the later model 40 series? By the way, that's my 76 40 in the other garage stall in the one picture. Gary S
Pass front  62 FJ40.jpg
Seats 62 FJ40.jpg
Rear 62 FJ40.jpg
Pics of WS seals and tail lights

Here's the SOr bags with the windshield seals and also a shot of the tail lights I got with the truck. Are the tail lights the correct ones? gary
New tail lights.jpg
WS seals 62 FJ40.jpg
Y'know those copper coloured rims're startin to grow on me..
looks real nice. correct tail lights. I can't make out much about the ws. probably need to cut it down on the early windows. SOP. Windshield is not the same as later model. it's not the same as the rest of the 40's since you have the vent below the windshield. I bought a new one from toyota a couple years ago though.

also the tops are different too. I can't remember all the little details on the tops.
148-01-AE are the smaller 25 lights, so it looks like you are good to go :) Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Page 148 Land Cruiser Tail Lights

The only hard top roof panel that will fit on a corrugated top is...another corrugated top roof panel. Roof panels from corner glass tops (as your '76 has) will not fit as the corrugated top roof is slightly longer.

The windshield glass was the same from '61 to early '65 only, and the correct windshield frame for these models had vents at the bottom of the windshield frames...so these early windshield glass are "shorter" that later ones.

Bug catcher doors look good! Do the sliders work well to bring the class up and down?

Edit: When do we get to see more pics?
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