24V AC Amplifier PN?

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Aug 11, 2012
Somewhere, CA
While the temps are reasonable and the AC shops aren't jammed, I'm trying to finally get the AC devil's breeze working on a 24V 2H (which I say every year). The last real missing piece that I'm not sure how to source is a 24V diesel "AC amplifier". Does anyone know a part number for this beast so I can start scouring Australian eBay and Canadian mud?

I guess it's an 88650-90xxx, but I don't know the xxx to signify 24V or diesel RPMs. ToyoDIY also references a 'W/ ODAC' option, anyone know what that would be or how to tell if I've got one?

The blue bomber is finally getting AC?

This is your hybrid 24v system in an originally 12v chassis as I recall. You've got a 24v compressor and climate controls in the dash right?

I think there are two general approaches. Speculating here as I've never had to deal with 24v or tany of the in-dash AC components.
  1. Universal AC system. I imagine 24v universal systems are rare, but maybe you could find a way to take a 24v signal from the high-pressure switch/expansion valve and control the 24v clutch on your compressor. Maybe give Vintage Air a call?

  2. Combination of Toyota OEM stuff. 24v complicates things but there is surely a way. You may even be able to use some 70 series components as there is lots of crossover.

    For OEM, plugging things into toyodiy with a few different variables (late 80s, North America market, various engines), I get a bunch of part numbers. I'm not sure which ones are 12 or 24v, but they are all no longer available, and neither partsouq or amayama have new old stock.

I think your best bet is to find someone with some Canadian 24v 60 or 70 series parts trucks and try to get the amplifier from there.
Australia is not a 24v country.
Canada has 1986/7 24v delivery but you are looking for a 30 plus year old electrical part.

90k01 normally would be first round and 12v (dominant) part. Onur could confirm.

24v systems past 1990 would be jdm or pakistani.

I would ask for a used one in parts section here. Either 60 or 70 series.
The 24V for the 6x series trucks is 88650-90A04.

The 24V for the 7x series trucks is 88650-90K01 like @rick_d mentioned.

Finding those units will be interesting indeed.... needle in a haystack!

Good luck!
Mine is australian but the vehicle in question is a hybrid US and Canadian 60. I've driven it and know the OP.

The vin on the chassis is from a 12v rig but it has a 24v electrical system. I only mention this as it makes finding 24v part numbers by vin tricky.
Mine is australian but the vehicle in question is a hybrid US and Canadian 60. I've driven it and know the OP.

The vin on the chassis is from a 12v rig but it has a 24v electrical system. I only mention this as it makes finding 24v part numbers by vin tricky.

VIN not necessary for this.
Thanks @rick_d, good point about Australia not being a 24V country - that only popped to mind as I'd sourced some AC brackets for the 2H from there since they do tend to have diesels, but you're right they probably are primarily 12V.

Much appreciated on confirmed part numbers @OGBeno! Needles in haystacks are my unfortunate specialty :p
Looks like I missed a whole AC system (incl. AC amplifier) out of a Canadian 24V LHD HJ60 last year while we were busy running around Baja @TreadingLight 😣

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Does anyone have a 24V A/C amplifier that could take and post pictures of the circuit board front and rear? I'm just thinking out loud but the functions should be the same as those of a 12V amplifier? Unless there is some proprietary mystery IC on there, It possibly could be made to work by adjusting a few components.
@Engineer8000 you're most likely right, I was also wondering if I could run the 12V A/C amplifier I've got somehow. I guess I'd need to step down the 24V from the A/C switch, and maybe get rid of some of the other functions. Will have to probe the harness side and see what signals are live on the connector.

The proprietary mystery IC is the SE012 per this thread, if the 24V version of this board uses the same part and steps down to 5.8Vdd as well then presumably we could figure out how to achieve that from a 24V system as well. I guess the minimal other requirement would be to replace the 12V relay with a 24V relay.
The transistors I've found in the denso modules that energize the VSV are ok at 24V. So I see 3 resistors, 3 flyback diodes (maybe), and a relay to change a 12V to a 24V. I'm curious if the plugs are the same?
That SE012 can be replaced with the IC in the emission module that also handles rpm and thermistor inputs. It has a different footprint but could made to work I think. They are just specialized dual op amps. The earlier emission computers used standard op amps.
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Thanks for all the input @Engineer8000! The plug on my 24V harness does fit, but unsure if the pins are in the same place.

I don't think I have an emission module, but are you suggesting that a 24V emission module (?) would be easier to source than a 24V A/C amp module?
I was just saying there is an IC in the emission module that performs the same functions as that SE012 and T2333 IC does in the ac amplifier. It can still be purchased new (old stock probably).
Got it.

12V A/C Amp on 24V harness:

2022-01-30 12.27.21.jpg

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