2017 Rig of the Year - FJ60Cam’s 1985 FJ60

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Nov 1, 2004
Memphis, TN

There hasn’t been a ROTW in quite a while, and 2017 is almost up, so...

I’m taking the artistic liberty of calling mine ROTY :grinpimp:

There are a couple of different build threads on the big projects, but no documentation of the rest of this truck’s history. It’s been in the family since new, (one-owner according to the title), and has undergone quite the evolution.

Stay tuned as I dig up artifacts from my 60’s past.
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I swear, I've seen this one before.

My 60 actually began life as a 1985 Jeep Cherokee. It was black, with a 5-speed. It was awesome and took our family everywhere. Me and my brother fought over who got to ride shotgun because my mom would let us shift the gears.

We loved that little Cherokee.

Then one day, it found its world turned upside down...

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My Dad was driving to work one day when it happened....

He was entering an intersection from a green light when someone ran the red light and T-boned him.

It spun the truck around, loading up the suspension. When the tires finally dug in, it flipped the little black truck upside down and high enough that a witness said he could have walked underneath.

Fortunately, my Dad was wearing his seatbelt. Those were the days when seatbelts were optional, even for kids. That made a believer out of all of us, and I’ve worn one religiously ever since.

He unbuckled, fell upward from the seat, landing on his head. Whoops, we’re upside down now. The door being jammed shut, he had to crawl on the roof and out the now missing rear window.

Shaken, but not stirred - amazingly he was not hurt. He only sustained a cut or two from broken glass


One thing was clear, my Dad said afterwords...he needed something heavier and sturdier.

He needed...

... a LandCruiser! (Whatever the f@wk that was. We had never heard of or seen one before.)
One Saturday he showed up at home with a loaner 60 from the dealer. They weren’t big sellers, so they let him borrow it for the day.

First impression: gawddawg that thing is hideous! Then we jumped in, climbed all over it, and later went for a ride...

Second impression: Holy hell!!! This thing is a tank! A literal military vehicle! This is totally bitchen!!!

We (the kids) were excited about all the gear noise it made, the locking hubs, the lack of interior padding, and the rear heater. Compared to the refined & sporty Cherokee, this was pure masculinity. It spoke directly to the 7 & 10 year old us.

We were sold!
With the full backing of the Mosley kids, my Dad went back to the dealer to go shopping.

I don’t think they carried any inventory at the time. FJ60s weren’t exactly Toyota’s top seller. So he had to wait.

I don’t remember why he was there that day, but he happened to be there when the transport truck showed up.

He saw that magnificent, butt-ugly champagne-brown beauty gleaming from the top of the trailer, and for whatever reason (surely there was a blue one on there, right?), he said, “that one”.

And the rest, was history.
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After some fierce negotiating, a deal was struck. For $13,348*, this 00,008 mile Metallic Beige beast was coming home with us.


*plus tax, dealer, and license fees
There’s even a dot-matrix printout, in Japanese, mapping out the DNA sequence. Each step marked off by its creator...

^Beno will be back in a minute he's prolly rubbing one out seeing that paperwork.

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