For Sale 2000 UJZ100 Black 170k in Colorado $7800obo

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Selling my beloved Landcruiser to move into a newer car. It is 'unbuilt' (no overlanding mods done), but very solid and dependable - I've spent the last year fixing thing that have been neglected and it's in a great place to begin building or just using as is. I've used it on countless road trips and camping outings in that time. I wouldn't hesitate to get in and drive it across the country tomorrow. It has not been smoked or pet lived in, as far as I can tell (I'm sensitive to those smells) it has a few older carpet stains that don't seem to want to come out, but proper floor mars should cover most of that.
I am an Audi technician by trade, so I hold my vehicle reliability and repair quality to a high standard - this truck is no exception.
In the past year I have replaced (in order from most recent) :
Serpentine tenaioner
Steering column slop repaired
Rear brakes
Front brakes
Front seat swap from 2006 LC
Shocks (OEM) and leveled front end with torsion bar
Front differential fluid
Steering rack bushings
Front sway bar bushings/link bushings
Timing belt/water pump/rollers/tstat
Kenwood touchscreen Bluetooth head unit and proper Amp bypass wiring
Wheels/tires (from 2016 TRD Tundra)

Things that are still on my to-do list, but dont affect driveability or reliability:
Crack in windshield
Sunroof drive cable seized
LF turn signal mount tab broken - but won't fall out, was going to install 1-piece headlight/signals

All 3 rows of seats are accounted for, though I had the second and third row seats out most of the time.

I am still driving this daily and haven't had it detailed, so if you'd like more photos or want to check it out, please let me know your achedule so I can accommodate.

Located in Superior, CO, just south of Boulder

Also of note:
Mid-muffler was rotted so I had a straight pipe welded in it's place, hoping to install an entire Doug Thorley header and cat-back system at some point. It has a nice tone to it without the mid-muffler.... :)

I replaced both front axles about 6 months ago

The steering wheel leather was pretty torn up, so it has a cover on it

Interior is tan
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A few disclaimers regarding cosmetic condition -
There's some paint fade and clear peel on hood and left doors.
Front bumper has been painted, likely in a minor fender bender as the frame looks original and straight
Small dent in the lower tailgate - looks like it was backed into

This truck spent most of it's life in CA, then briefly moved to Indiana before coming to Colorado (where I bought it). There is some light surface rust on the undercarriage but the only rust on the body is on that tailgate dent, where it is just on the surface. All of the chassis bits that I've worked on have come apart without difficulty - it's not all rusted together like some.

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