1. C

    For Sale 2001 Land Cruiser 121k miles not loved - worth a gamble on purchase?

    This 2001 LC has low miles at 121k, but PO before current owner really banged it up. Asking price is $8500 and I don't think they'll budge on price. Wondering if it's worth taking to mechanic and purchasing if it checks out? Test drove last week..brakes shudder when applied...so probably need...
  2. Josh Kleitsch

    New Owner - 2001 LC

    Hey all, I just purchased a 2001 LC with 209,900 on the clock, and am very excited to join the ranks of UJZ100 lovers across the globe. My previous car was a Mustang (2013, V6 Manual, Pony Package) and while I loved that car I drove it so little that it made sense to move on to something I...
  3. heynickhere

    craigslist 2006 100 Tempe AZ 91K $26K forest green.l

    Not mine but thought this would be of interest here, Toyota land cruiser low miles from the ad... Selling my land cruiser we've had the car since it was new it has all options + an aftermarket DVD system put into the headrests for when we when on rode trips with the kids but the kids are...
  4. V

    For Sale 2000 UJZ100 Black 170k in Colorado $7800obo

    Selling my beloved Landcruiser to move into a newer car. It is 'unbuilt' (no overlanding mods done), but very solid and dependable - I've spent the last year fixing thing that have been neglected and it's in a great place to begin building or just using as is. I've used it on countless road...
  5. heynickhere

    craigslist 04 165K $15K Blythe, CA

    Not mine, 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser Looks okay from the ad. A little high on price in my opinion but maybe someone on here could talk them down.
  6. heynickhere

    For Sale 05 TLC 110K 15K BLACK [SOLD]

    Not Mine... If this one was white I would have picked it up in a second. I'm not a huge fan of black cars myself. Autotrader: Cars for Sale: Used 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale in Charlottesville, VA 22901: Sport Utility Details - 469498834 - Autotrader
  7. Kyle Currell

    For Sale *SOLD*2001 Land Cruiser Icon stage2/ 35" STMaxx/Metal tech

    Toyota Land Cruiser 2001 4x4 Lifted, Excellent Condition! Hey gang, this is my cruiser for sale in Steamboat Springs, CO. Contact me directly with any questions, my number is on the craigslist ad. Thank you. Cheers!
  8. LandyAndy

    Wanted 100 Series Center Console Rear Cupholder

    Needing the cupholder on the back of the center console. Really just need the front plate but the whole cupholder assembly would be great too. Here's my current situation:
  9. cruzerDave

    KISS Drawers (Keep It Simple Storage) April Run

    This thread is specifically to communicate with those who are part of the April, 2017 group buy of the Keep It Simple Storage (KISS) Drawers for 100 series LC & LX, and 80 series LC & LX. For general info, faq, and customization of the drawers see this thread: Keep It Simple Storage (KISS)...
  10. E

    For Sale Slee dual swingout for 100/LX470

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Location: Ben Wheeler, TX Price: $2,200 Trades: Complete 80 series lift and cash 850J/863 W/L's or similar Hey guys. I have a Slee swingout from my 100 that I will be replacing with another stock bumper (Thanks Duggy!). My wife and I swapped her 97 LX for my 99 100 series...
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