For Sale 1997 LX450 175K No lockers ready to build LR AR

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United States
For Sale- 1995 Lexus LX450 silver/gray leather. Runs decent but needs odds and ends. Leather on drivers seat torn up but the rest are good. Front passenger fender is rough as well as rear bumper on passenger side. Ill take $2850 firm. I'm a newbie on here so accept my apologies for mistakes.





It can't be a '95, since the Lexus was only made for the last two years of the 80 series.

It looks like a good deal for someone, though not everyone would know it's in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Can you post more pictures of the interior? I may be tempted to take a trip to LR.
Undercarriage pictures would be great.
I would be interested but need more pictures.

The top looks good but what does the underside look like?


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