For Sale 1994 FZJ80 Expedition Build - 158,000 Miles

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Up for sale is one of the best built 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80s around. It has been built and maintained by an OCD 80 series fanatic willing to take the time to do things right. It has NOT been worked on by ANY mechanics trying to get the job done quickly to make $$. Unless otherwise notes, EVERY part replaced has been with OEM Toyota parts, installed to factory specs, and properly torqued. This truck is still very much a Japanese truck! So, let’s get into it…

The drivetrain

Straight six gas motor and a 4-speed transmission. This is the overbuilt “Bus Tranny” designed for a 19-passenger bus. Basically bombproof. It has factory front and rear differential lockers that work perfectly. 158,100 miles.
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Throttle body gasket
  • Intake tube
  • Plugs, wires and tubes
  • PCV and hose
  • Oil pump gasket. Bolts replaced with torx head bolts
  • Front main seal
  • New distributer and seal. The old one had a bad internal seal and was leaking into the cap.
  • New vac lines
  • New trans soft lines and clamps
  • 90* Oil filter adapter
  • 5 Dura Trac tires, 275/75/16 with less than 500 miles on them

Cooling System – completely replaced. All OEM except a silicone PHH. This truck runs between 187-192 degrees during the summer. It will creep up a few degrees on long freeway climbs on hot days. There is an Auto Meter temp gauge for accurate monitoring.

  • Radiator
  • Fan clutch – clocked and filled with 15K synthetic fluid
  • Water pump and thermostat
  • EVERY hose and clamp. PHH is a silicone hose
  • Entire system including heater core was back flushed, cleaned and been running standard green coolant.

Electrical Upgrades – This was a huge project! Dual batteries, upgraded alternator, lighting, power outlets, and gauges to monitor all of it…this truck is ready for anything! I won’t be able to list everything here, but my intention was to make it look like it came from the factory. You just won’t see this level of detail coming from a shop. I can’t stress enough that this is not a hack job like other “electrical projects” out there. The factory wiring has not been hacked into, and EVERYTHING is on its own circuit. I also made a full color-coded wiring diagram to know what has been done. All wiring is covered in braided covers and adhesive lined heat shrink was used. All push connectors are a dual “B” style crimp with one crimp on the conductor and one on the insulation. There are NO amateur parts store connectors used. I also used Metri-Pack and Weather-Pack connectors used for the larger plug-ins. Battery cables and grounds terminals were crimped with a 16 ton hydraulic crimper and are bomber.

  • Dual Batteries – Northstar labeled as Batteries Plus X2.
  • All new marine grade, pre-tinned 1-0 cables. Mil-spec terminals and boots. All new grounds. All Fused.
  • Blue Sea ML-ACR 7622
  • JDM overhead altimeter console has been re-purposed to house all battery management switches and gauges.
  • OEM 150-amp alternator with the Photoman bracket. All new wiring going to alternator.
  • 2 Blue Sea auxiliary fuse boxes. One is wired always hot, the other comes on with ignition switch and both are protected with Blue Sea Circuit Breakers.
  • New starter and new wiring to starter
  • Coolant temp, trans temp and oil pressure gauges installed under dash. The wiring is all run for trans and oil but not connected. All are wired to lights and dimmer switch.
  • Cobra 18 WX II CB with Firestick antenna
  • Pioneer Head Unit
  • Blue Sea Cig lighter replaces stock unit, Blue sea USB in center console and Blue Sea USB and 12V in rear. All are on their own circuit.
  • ARB Compressor installed in rear on custom Carling switch
  • All switches are from OTRATTW for lights, compressor and battery gauge
  • Dedicated circuit ready for a fridge. 110V plug pre-wired as well
  • Block Heater and 110V fridge plug-ins are mounted on bumper with NOCO Genius AC ports
  • Pin-7 Mod
  • Slee washer bottle relocation kit

Steering and suspension

  • OME 2.5” Lift. Heavy in front and medium rear.
  • Slee castor correction bushings
  • Slee rear lower control arms
  • Knuckles rebuilt with new birfields, spindles, drive flanges and bearings
  • All new bolts, nuts and studs

Brake System – I did phase one about 20K miles ago. New calipers, rotors, pads front and rear and a complete rebuild on the parking brake. I have everything for phase 2, but not installed yet. New booster & vac line, master, LSPV and extended soft lines all the way around.


  • Front ARB winch bumper with Warn 9.5 winch
  • Custom built dual swing rear bumper with rack for 2 jerry cans and spare tire holder (up to 35”) by Heliarc Designs
  • Slee transfer case skid plate
  • Custom made skids for front and rear differential by Heliarc Designs
  • Custom sliders and front side rails by Bowsers Cruisers. I have ones for the rear but will require cutting the flares to make them work

Expedition Equipment

  • Roof rack – Eezi-Awn K9 feet with 5 Alu-Cab slats
  • Ridgid lighting – 40” Single row Pro model, 2 SR diffused lights on back of rack and 4 D2 cubes on front bumper. These are all on individual custom made Carling switches, not the cheap switches that come with the lights.
  • Brand new Rhino Rack Bat Wing Awning and 3 wall sections
  • Safari snorkel. And it IS Safari and not a Chinese knock-off
  • Two NATO Jerry cans

Interior – I debated for quite some time on drawers or just a platform. I opted to build an enclosed and secure platform to facilitate keeping equipment in bins that could be easily removed and relocated. It is wrapped in carpet and utilizes factory holes. No new holes were drilled!! I do still have the two rear seats but are not in due to the platform. The rear passenger seat will fit with the platform in but was removed to install fridge. I do not have 3rd row seats
  • JDM Dash grab handle
  • JDM Tilt/roll/ altimeter
  • JDM overhead console with battery management switches and gauges
  • JDM glove box with cool 4WD instructions in Japanese.
  • New plastic face plates – both upper and lower
  • Used and perfect dash with no splits or cracks.
  • SOR Tuff Duck seat covers for front seats
  • Husky liners front and 2nd row.
  • Brand new OEM side mirrors in green - no zip ties for this shaky mirror fix!
  • New OEM front door seals

Extra Stuff – All of the things I didn’t get around to…
  • JDM front fender mirror
  • JDM side marker lights
  • New rubber for rear sliding windows
  • Belt moldings and inside scrapers - Installed.
  • New dead pedal – I got the last one before it was discontinued!
  • LOTS of trail spares – Birfs & drive flanges, radiator hoses, water pump, fan clutch, stock alternator, extra flares…too much to list or remember!!

A few things that are not as awesome as everything already listed!!
  • It drops a few drops of oil per 3k miles. It uses maybe a half qt between oil changes.
  • Front windows are getting slow
  • The AC dryer was damaged on a rock… no AC as of now.
  • I deleted the lines running to the rear heater…this may not necessarily be a bad thing!
  • EGR has been bypassed and the PAIR system has been disabled to fit 2nd battery (no emissions in Montana!) This can all be put back together if needed as I still have all the parts.
  • I would say this truck is 90% rust free. There is some light surface rust on the rear axle which would be remedied with a por 15 treatment. NO CORROSION!!
  • The paint has the typical clear coat peel on the top surfaces and the paint is a bit pin-striped from bushes and branches. This truck has been used, but never abused.

Asking $20,000 OBO.

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I forgot to List out the Recovery gear. The snatch strap is really the only thing that has been used.
* ARB Snatch & Tree Saver
* Crosby & ARB Shackles
* 2 Nice Husky Duffels to store it all in!
* Hi-Lift/ARB bumper adapter


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