1988 Hj75 Restoration/Build (1 Viewer)

Jan 16, 2021
Perth, Western Australia
I recently started restoring my dads old 1988 Hj75 ute to its former glory.
The body is extremely rusty, and currently doesn’t have a roof on it, but the engine is in surprisingly good condition, (nothing can kill an old 2H engine).
Yesterday and today i got to work stripping the interior and cleaning it all up, ready to weld in new floorpans as the current ones are about 90% rusted out.
I also managed to fit (with quite the struggle and rearrangement of the seat brackets) a drivers seat off an old 79 series mining vehicle from my dads work.
I also managed to find a brand new windscreen surround yesterday in my local area for cheap, as my current one is fully rusted out, and I have a set of brand new floor pans on the way.
My next project is to finish off the roof, as I have been patching up the few rust holes in that, and then chuck it back onto the vehicle.






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