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May 20, 2007

I think this one was on Hemings recently “headed to Barrett Jackson” if it didn’t sell. Anyone have any additional info? Looks legit but I’m far from an expert.
Looks pretty legit, though it's obviously not a one-owner truck as claimed. Too bad that it has those cheesy rubber fender flares, but with luck maybe they are the the kind that just clip on. Ultimately, there's no way to prove that it has only 28K original miles, but it is in very good condition.
I watch eBay pretty closely for FJ40s as well as other sites. This one has been around the block for several months. Says he has all documentation. Looks good, but how good is it? Seems to me that if it was really as good as stated somebody would have bought it. It either must have some red flags or the guy won't back off his price. He has held firm in his listings. Smog seems intact. Unleaded sticker intact by headlight switch. Does have visible rust in right rear quarter. That and other probable rust zones might be a limiting factor.
Original cb radio is just a Motorola CB ... but at least it is vintage and could have been by the dealer

Looks like carpeting not original so the rubber mats are under?

Resprayed black everywhere ... bumperetts sprayed over to black

Under front fenders sprayed black it looks as well possibly rear as well

Somebody messed up the radio antenna placement

Rubber flares

Grab handles on roll bar

there are not great detailed pics... underside or quality pics of truck in general

BJackson have better pics?
It is definitely a nice FJ40. One thing is true, since it is a later tub, that rust in rear channel area is probably much larger than it seems. All the rest is really nice and repairs are pretty easy.
My 79 is a hundred and fifty miles away but do not remember if there are trim pieces covering the inside hinges on the front seats. Besides the 79 have some 80 front seats and a 60 of a 40/60 bench seat from a Middle East pickup. But those are in the same location. Have a FJ62 as well. Think at least the 40 or 62 did not have trim over the inner hinge. The sag on the one side of the driver's back says something not right. Bubbles in the paint means rust coming from behind. To me bells and whistles would include A/C. Power steering is a lot easier to add since it's a complete bolt on. Beside holes in the firewall the some many other things are different with A/C. Battery mount, radiator, wiring harness, heater duct. Not sure if the carburator is different with the idle up when the compressor is on.

On Ward's 78 he sold for a friend do we even know if it really sold. All of a sudden took at big jump to $100K and never another bid. BAT only cost $99 to list. Personally if I wanted to sell something not a bad way. You can then do a ghost bid to the least your willing to take. Doesn't sell only cost $99. Try that at a auction or on eBay you end up paying commission plus other fees and still not sell the vehicle. Maybe it did sell and it's been boxed up for another forty years. Personally even with the problems on the mustard 79 would prefer it over 78. Pre 81 true documented history is hard to know. Neither of these has a history I would take to the bank.
I was thinking the "55" should be highlighted in a box in the speedo guage. or did that start in 1980?
@Living in the Past
I was thinking the "55" should be highlighted in a box in the speedo guage. or did that start in 1980?
@Living in the Past

I'm not by my 79 right now but do not remember the highlighted 55. Probably be able check in a day or too. Two part numbers for 79/80. One 1/79-9/79 and other 9/79-7/80. Looked at a 79 for sale here and it does not highlight the 55. Thinking it may have been for the 80 model it started. Believe I have a instrument cluster I picked up from a 80 model years ago and it does have the highlighted 55. Or at least I think it does. Have a couple 82 model clusters and my be confusing it with those. Bought the 80 cluster as a spare for my 79 and remember noticing the 55 but like I said it was a long time ago. Thought I was coming up on twenty years I've owned my 79. Turns out it been twenty two years. Probably bought the 80 cluster shortly after.
This was on eBay and was located in NJ a few weeks ago. I thought about checking it out, but did not. A few things are not right as mentioned above and the hood (driver side front) is not lining up with the front bib. As to the seats the drivers side is a passenger side seat with the pedal to push the seat forward. Also looks like rust on the floor by the seat hinge. If it lived in NJ for any length of time and was stored outdoors there is more rust. I keep my 43 in a humidity controlled garage until I move to AZ.
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Thanks for all the input. I think I will continue to look for a reasonable price on a restoration candidate unless I just get a smoking deal on someone else's frame off efforts that were unquestionably done right. I think even the "almost perfect original condition" ones really need to be taken down to the frame if you are going to use them anywhere but the desert.
It’s back on eBay. Winning bid was $40k, but they must have backed out.


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