1. 808Cruising

    80 Series as work vehicle

    Hey Guys, Does anyone here use their 80 as a work vehicle; if so, what type of industry are you in? I was doing a few things around the internets and thought about this. I don't use mine aside from driving as a DD but not for work. I was just wondering. I did a little bit of searching...
  2. mrniell

    Need help in Fort Collins

    Hello all the last meeting was my first meeting with the club and I just moved to Fort Collins. I work for Fireplace Warehouse, and we need fireplace installers ASAP starting pay is $16 an hour with benefits including health care and 401K. If any of you need a job or know of someone looking for...
  3. J

    top places to get body work (FJ40 in Texas)

    I am new to this so sorry guys and gals if this has been posted or I just did not do my home work correctly. I just got a 1973 FJ 40 and it needs alot of body work. I leave in Houston TX so I was hopping if there are any recommendations to where to get body work done in TX? Thanks for the help
  4. B

    Recommendation for body work/shop

    Hello Olde North State Cruisers, I have a 1983 Land Cruiser I've inherited from my brother. It has some issues with rust spots on the roof and a few spots on the lower panels. I'm in need of recommendations of any body shops you have used and received quality work. I live in Carteret County, so...
  5. Jorgito

    Need advice on sequence of work on my cruiser

    Hello, I need help from you guys, I have a bunch of stuff accumulated for next month to work on before we go for long road trip. Here is the list: harrop installed front third member with new gears (regeared to 4.88) aussie locker installed rear third member with new gears (regeared to 4.88)...
  6. fourtrax

    May 20th Work Day (Sat)

    Update from Terry --> Hi Everyone – Our next work day is Saturday May 20th. We’ll be installing guardrail, cutting back brush and installing signs that weekend so if you have a truck or vehicle that can haul posts and rails please bring it that day. We’ll meet at 9 am at the Uwharrie Hunt...
  7. TX73FJ40

    In need of Brake work done on my 73 FJ40. Original Drums.

    I'm in the Plano, DFW area. Looking for suggestions to have some brake work done. Last done by Yung in Garland. Man, I miss him!
  8. B

    Which Rear Mudflaps will work on my 96?

    Hi everyone. I'm the owner of a new-to-me 1996 Land Cruiser, which I am trying to piece back together. Some things were missing or broken, and one that I am a bit confused on is the correct part number for the rear mudguards. In various searches, I have come across a few different part numbers...
  9. C

    1hdt rebuild and head work

    Hi all, Timing belt let go on the 80 and did not end well. Engine is being rebuilt. I started a thread over on 4wd action and thought it would be of interest. Link below. If this breaches rules I'll remove and copy content over. Any feed back welcomed. Cheers Mat...
  10. Helocrazed

    FJ60 Speedo work on HJ60?

    Where can I find documentatiin that an FJ60 Speedometer would work with an HJ60, 24V, 2H motor? Can it even be done? Thank you for any info!
  11. DSLTOY

    Club work weekend

    A couple of members have projects they want to get done before GSMTR and need help. So I thought we would schedule a work weekend at my shop on Saturday April 22. I can accommodate 2-3 overnight if projects run over. I have a lift bay and a long bay the will accommodate 2 cruisers and if weather...
  12. fourtrax

    Uwharrie Work Day Sat 3/25 - Last one before trails open.

    This Saturday is the last work day before the trails open, and there is some work that still needs to be completed on our ONSC sponsored trail (Dicky Bell). Saturday looks like a good day for outside work - Cloudy and in the low 70's. Hope to see you there Eric Update from Terry -...
  13. landonridge

    Will a 15" wheel/tire work on a stock 96 FJ80?

    Just wanted to see if anyone knew if a 15" wheel and tire would work on a stock 96' Fj80?
  14. Kabanstva

    What are some "go to" shops around the US for doing work on the 100 series?

    I come from a Supra/Lexus SC300 background and know there are a good amount of shops around the country that are synonymous with those chassis. They can pretty much do any kind of build/tune etc. without me questioning if they know what they're doing (Sound Performance/Real Street/Powerhouse...
  15. peterkcc

    For Sale  78 hard top + doors needs work MO $450

    I just bought these off of Craigslist and decided to go another way. Just trying to recoup the money. The top and sides are for sure manageable with the amount of rust. The doors are bad. They will all probably need bottom skins. I was going to try to make the ambulance doors half doors with a...
  16. ElmoTheDestroyr

    Best onroad lighting option that will work in a TJM T-13 bull bar?

    Hi, I have a 99 Land Cruiser and compared to my daily driver (2005 Acura TL) I absolutely hate the headlights. Once you get used to good HID's, going back to halogens is painful. I am purchasing a TJM T-13 bull bar bumper in a couple weeks, and planned on putting some good lights in the...
  17. N

    Weird problems. Horn started blowing non-stop. Window control doesn't work from driver door.

    And just today it decided to lock itself, while off, after I closed the door. I feel like there's a wiring issue but where do I start to look?
  18. hanniemarie2

    February 25, 2017 URE Work Day

    Hi Everyone – This Saturday, February 25th is the next OHV work day and thanks to Kevin Shortt we’ll have equipment (a front bucket load tractor) that we can use to load up the trailers and trucks with the rock to work on some more trail armoring. I really appreciate it. Glenn Fulmer said he’s...
  19. 65FJ45

    Parting Out  Catered Garage Sale / barter party

    It's been a while and some of you will remember me. I'm looking to set up a day to have a by-invitation discount sale / barter party / work party. I have still have quite a lot of cruiser parts that I need to thin down as well as lots of misc junk, materials, tools, etc. that have piled up...
  20. ZGMikey

    And the work begins on "Smurfette".

    I posted a ways back when I first got this monster, but since I finally picked a name, decided to start a "real deal" build thread. I'm calling it Smurfette because my kids already ask "Are we there yet?" when we're driving across town (If you've ever watched the get it). We live in...
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