wheel bearing service

  1. ch26

    Timkin vs. Koyo Wheel bearings

    I know it is sorta a preference thing. But if you could tell me why you prefer the bearing you do, that would be great. I know Timkin= made in U.S. Koyo= made in japan Thanks, Chase
  2. Axe Head

    Birfield Maintenance Advice Sought

    Hello All, I have an 80 series Landcruiser, 1992, RHD, Diesel, and the birfields were replaced about three years ago (and wheel bearings packed). I've put on about 30k or so since. I have no issues. I'm looking for advice about regular birfield maintenance and wheel bearing maintenance. How...
  3. R

    Rear wheel bearing service interval

    I've searched and I can't find the service interval for the rear wheel bearings and seals. Why wouldn't they be the same 15k interval as the front?
  4. 85x

    Bay Area CA- Front Disc Brake and Wheel Bearing: Need a Hand

    Reaching out to the good folks of Mud in the Bay Area: I'm gearing up to replace my front rotors and repack my bearings but my back has been preventing me from getting down to it. Have all the parts from Beno and tools needed but I don't think I can do it alone given my bad discs are acting up...
  5. 2001LC

    Wheel Bearing ??

    Anyone know the proper orientation for the wheel bearing adjusting nut & locking nut? I've put flat side of adjusting nut in against claw washer, and the locking washer flat side out last bearing service in 2010. Edit 9-27-15 Again I oriented (picture 2) adjusting nut with flat side in, as it...
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